Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

January 10, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Members present: V. Perrotta, D. Russell, D. Howard, D. Hunter, D. Barrow, B. Phillips, B. Dell’Agnello, S. Demiray, T. Anderson, M. Kay (invited), D. Durcho

  1. Membership: The board discussed various membership changes. First, the board has invited Mike Kay to become an official Frederick County Board member. Second, the board discussed in depth about changes to the executive committee. The current chair Keith Schoonover has been the active chair for the past 17 years, and Vince Perrotta for about 10 years. The board wishes to motion/vote on new positions, to allow others to take part in the executive positions and to give a much deserved break to those that have served in these positions for so long. Moving forward they wish to have term limits for board positions lasting 2 or 3 years each, before reelection. The board will check the Forestry Board Charter rules for further guidance. Dave and Sonia will develop a google survey to all members based on the Forestry Charter to gauge what rules and regulations we want to adopt at the FCFCDB.

  2. Treasurer’s Report: We had 7 deposits from the Second Sunday tree walks totaling $179.66 and $0.12 of interest deposited. A payment of $63.59 was paid for the renewal of our Flickr subscription. The current account balance is $5,832.89.

  3. Logging Site Exams: No logging site exams have come in since last board meeting.

  4. NRCC: A high school student (Kai Griffin Lynn) submitted an application for the 2022 NRCC. We reviewed the application and will be setting up a time for an interview within the next month. Dawne will take the lead on NRCC coordination efforts. Dawne, Bethany, and Sonia will work on a presentation for HS biology and science teachers announcing the NRCC at High Schools, if possible with the help of MAEOE and FCPS.

  5. Funding Opportunities: The board plans to attend the Thurmont Green Fest in April. We intend to give out free bare root trees, with a donation jar to help support the NRCC. Additional consideration for Frederick County Forestry Board t-shirts and hats may also be sold. Other outreach materials and board promotion will be handed out or displayed as well.

  6. Urban Forestry: Another Second Sunday Tree Walk is being planned for March, once weather is more favorable. Approximately 20 trees need to be re-measured for the MD Big Tree Program at 10 or 12 separate locations.

  7. Outreach/ Website: Outreach is planned for the Thurmont Green Fest Event in April. Various newspaper articles have been published out including an article for Mike Kay’s retirement, Dakota Durcho’s new role as Secretary, and the following have been submitted: Mark Spurrier (MPS) NRCC experience, and on winter tree ID. The FNP agreed to an additional five feature articles about different canopy covers in Frederick County and we’re working on a press release about the first Wolf Tree Contest winner. Additionally, the webpage was updated, which now includes an “action shots” album of Mike Kay over the years.

  8. Nature Notes: There are currently 19 Nature Notes prepared and ready for print in the Frederick News Post. Due to the seasonal nature of many of the articles, we are looking for the development of several for the spring season. According to the website there are 186 people that subscribe to the Nature Notes articles, viewing them regularly.

  9. New Business: The planning of a SLF workshop in conjunction with the Washington County Forestry Board is being planned. A nominal fee could be charged to generate income, with funds being split among the boards. Certification or CEUs may be a good idea to attract professional interest.

The meeting closed with a discussion about tree shelters and the mess they make when not properly disposed of. The board thought it may be a good idea to host an initiative to collect and dispose of or recycle old shelters to reduce the amount of unnecessary litter across the landscape. Perhaps a future program may be pursued to connect people with old shelter to those that could repurpose them. Damaged or unusable shelters may also be collected and disposed of responsibly.