Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

February 14, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Members present: D. Russell, D. Howard, D. Barrow, B. Dell’Agnello, S. Demiray, T. Anderson, M. Kay (invited), D. Durcho

Membership: The board sent out a survey to all members between the January and February meetings, regarding rules that the Board will follow and executive positions (chair, vice chair, and treasurer). The survey determined that the Board unanimously agreed to adopt some charter rules. These include: a term limit for all executive positions (3 years), and the moving of the vice chair position to chair position after the 3 year term. The board agreed to approve the majority vote. It also gauged interest of the executive positions moving forward, and if board members plan to remain on the board over the next 3 years. After reviewing these results the board unanimously voted to make Vince Perrotta the chair, Sonia Demiray vice chair, and Dave Barrow will remain as treasurer. Additionally, Mike Kay will be submitting an application for membership with the board, and Bethany Dell’Agnello and David Barrow were provided reappointment forms to remain current. Dawne Howard also resigned from the board effective immediately, as she just turned 80 years young.

Treasurer’s Report: We had 1 deposit as interest accrued totaling $0.12 of interest. A payment of $12.00 was made for the website domain renewal. The current account balance is $5,821.02.

Logging Site Exams: Only 1 logging site exam was submitted by Consultant Forester Bill Bond. The harvest includes an 8 acre job on fairly flat terrain. No logging will occur along the stream near the eastern edge of the property. The forestry board will set a date/time in the next two weeks to review the site.

NRCC: The board interviewed two high school students Kai Lynn and Nate Pelino for the 2022 NRCC camp. Upon completion of the interviews, the board decided that both candidates would be a good fit for the camp. The board will reach out to these individuals and agree to pay $450.00 of the cost to attend the camp.


  1. 1. County Events: The Board agreed to make a list of all future events that we plan to attend, send out surveys to see which Board Members plan to man the table, and to design some displays and triptychs. Mike will look for a wood-display that has been used in the past. Dave B, will look into a printed Table Skirt. Drake suggested streamlining the annual seedling purchase with estimating standard for seedling orders.

  • The board plans to attend the Thurmont Green Fest on April 9th. We will have a table, display, and PowerPoint presentation for attendees. We will also be handing out free bare root trees, with a donation jar to help support the NRCC.

  • The board is also planning on attending the Middletown Annual Green Expo on April 23rd as well. Additional consideration for Frederick County Forestry Board t-shirts/hats was also discussed.

  • The board has opted not to attend the Maple Syrup Festival this year since we will not have any seedlings yet.

2. Urban Forestry: A Second Sunday Tree Walk is being planned for every second Sunday in 2022 starting March 13 at Baker Park, and another on April 10th. Board members will attend these tree walks in order to jump in when Bethany moves. The owners of the approximately 20 trees in need of re-measuring for the MD Big Tree Program are being reached out to by Bruce Phillips. The 50/50 “Tree Frederick” Planting Program was also discussed.

3. Website: Dave Barrow updated the Board on Nature Note sign ups and Social media reach which has increased dramatically over the last year. Dave Barrow also began teaching Sonia how to update the website in case a backup person may be needed.

4. Media:

Announcements: Sonia Demiray will continue to publish and promote the Boards activities in the media, post them on calendars, social media, and related websites. This includes tree walks, event attendance, tree plantings, NRCC, etc.

Social Media: There are 4,541 accounts reached via Facebook and 16 via Instagram. Traffic on the FB website is now averaging 1,000 people per week.

Articles: Various newspaper articles are published in the Frederick News Post each month. However, complaints about several egregious re-writes by the Frederick News Post have prompted the publication to allow review for a small window of time, of the articles laid out before they are published to ensure accuracy.

Nature Notes: There are 14 nature notes articles pending publication at the FNP currently, but could use some additional on spring related topics. The website also publishes nature notes articles via email, with 208 recipients.

New Business:

Tree Shelters: Mike Kay discussed an initiative to recycle/repurpose old tree shelters in Frederick County. The plan is to utilize the website to connect people with old shelters to people who are in need of shelters, through an exchange. Other resources/partners such as Streamlink may be utilized to further promote this initiative. Mike is planning to prepare a Nature Notes article for this.

Spotted Lantern Fly (SLF) Workshop: in conjunction with the Washington County Forestry Board, is continuing to be planned. As of now the event is being planned for a Friday afternoon in late spring. There will be 3 speakers: an MDA update, ailanthus control and ID with field portion, and SLF impacts to wineries, orchards, and hop yards. Further details will follow.