Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

April 11, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Members present: D. Barrow, B. Phillips, V. Perrotta, D. Russell, K. Schoonover, S. Demiray, T. Anderson, D. Hunter, D. Durcho – Guests: Jeremy Murphy

Membership: Following the “unofficial” member’s only board meeting on March 30th. The board decided to reaffirm the executive positions voted upon at the February meeting. The result from this vote was the same as in February, with the majority of the board being in favor of Vince as chair, Sonia as vice chair, and Dave Barrow as treasurer. Mike Kay, although not present at the April meeting, has mentioned that he was interested in taking on responsibilities as the treasurer.

Treasurer’s Report: We had 3 deposits: one as interest accrued totaling $0.12, one for the past several Sunday Tree Walks totaling $72.63, and a Maryland grant for Middletown Urban Forestry for $1,000.00. A payment of $900.00 was made to send to two NRCC students to camp. The current account balance is $6,003.36.

Logging Site Exams: Only 1 logging site exam was submitted by FPO Wyatt Farmer. The harvest is a selective harvest on about 15.5 acres of woods. The terrain is fairly flat, however it directly borders the Monocacy River. The harvest proposed selectively thinning out the dead and declining trees, to invigorate new and existing growth. The forestry board plans to review the site on Friday 4/22.


1. County Events:

1) The board attended the Thurmont Green Fest on April 9th (10am – 2pm). We had a table, several displays, and handed out prepackaged bags of trees and shrubs. The giveaway was well received, with almost 500 trees/shrubs handed out. We also helped to plant two pawpaws, in the small wooded lot, behind the library. We collected donations for the NRCC as well, and generated $23.00.

2) The boards next event is the Middletown Annual Green Expo on April 23rd.

2. Urban Forestry:

1) A Second Sunday Tree Walk was put on April 10 at Baker Park. There were 5 attendees; 3 forestry board members also attended. Another Second Sunday Tree Walk is planned for May 8th. Board members will continue to attend these tree walks in order to jump in when Bethany moves.

2) Bruce Phillips has begun reaching out to, and planning visits to landowners that need MD Big Trees re-measured. So far he has completed 4 re-measures. He has also finished up an official letter to be sent out to those who need their trees re-measured. A total of 26 trees need to be re-measured in 2022.

3) The “Wolf Tree” Nature Notes article was submitted to the FNP on Friday 4/15. This article mentions/discusses the importance of wolf trees, and recognizes the 1st annual wolf tree contest winner here in Frederick County.

3. Website: Sonia provided a lot of assistance to Dave over the past month. They created the April 2nd Sunday tree walk, which had 5 people sign up. Published the weekly nature notes via email (217 recipients), Facebook, and Instagram. Provided more access to the donor page so Sonia can create SSTW pages for future months, when Dave is unavailable.

4. Media:

Announcements: Sonia Demiray will continue to inform and educate the public about sustainable land management and forestry related topics through extensive bi-weekly feature articles in all local and regional media outlets. Sonia will also continue to announce and promote tree walk, the NRCC, and any event that the Board attends across the media and related websites. The Board’s website is now averaging 1,000 visits per week.

Articles: The FNP continues to edit submissions, changing the content (or even the headline). The FNP has corrected online publications and published corrections by request. The Wolf Tree article was sent to the FNP on Friday 4/15.

Nature Notes: There are 9 nature notes articles pending publication at the FNP currently, but could use some additional on spring related topics.

New Business:

Tree Shelters: The tree shelter recycling/repurposing pilot program has begun. The article was published in the newspaper a few weeks ago, and has received several hits with people in need of or willing to donate shelters. A number of people also volunteered to assist with removal and collection as well. Mike has also continued researching out of state recycling options. A few other options include the removal and collecting of shelters for pick up in a convenient location by interested individuals; or, a collection and recycling program where individuals would be paid to bring them in for proper disposal. Mike will also be looking at grants or funding opportunities for this program. Other possibilities include attending FALCAN meetings to advertise the program and/or identify other contractors for opportunities. Working with Frederick County Solid Waste Department and/or local universities for future opportunities are also being considered.

Unglesbee Park Tree Planting: A public tree planting is planned for April 22nd at 12 noon at Unglesbee Park in Libertytown. A total of 15 trees will be planted using Gift of Trees funds.