Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

May 9, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Members present: B. Phillips, V. Perrotta, K. Schoonover, S. Demiray, T. Anderson, D. Hunter, M. Kay, B. Dellagnello, D. Durcho – Guests: Jeremy Murphy, Alex Vindas Cruz

Membership: As discussed in previous meetings the board has decided to break our activities down into committees. This will help to reduce the number of emails sent to all board members and streamline business. At the head of each committee will be an “unofficial” leader that will help direct interested members for that topic. Some of the suggested board topics include: charter and rule development, logging site exams, big tree measuring, tree walks, media/events, website, and nature notes/articles. A survey is being developed to determined member interest and potential roles.

Additionally, this was Bethany Dellagnello’s last meeting as a member of the Frederick County Forestry Board, as she will soon be moving to Kentucky. The board plans to have a farewell cookout at the June meeting to send her off.

Treasurer’s Report: We had 3 deposits: one as interest accrued totaling $0.11, one for the past several Sunday Tree Walks totaling $44.68, and a donation of $23.00 made at the Thurmont Green Fest. We had 4 payments: one as reimbursement to Sonia Demiray for $245.58 for the purchase of a table skirt and poster boards, one for $1,000.00 to the Town of Middletown for the MUCFC tree planting program, a $12.00 fee for our domain renewal, and $0.45 as a mailing fee. The current balance is $4,803.64.

Logging Site Exams: No logging site exams came in between the April and May Forestry Board Meetings.


  1. County Events:

    • Sonia represented the board at the Middletown Annual Green Expo on April 23rd. She had a table, several displays, and handed out prepackaged bags of seedlings. The giveaway was fairly well received, with about 300 trees being handed out. Next year we will plan to bring shrubs, as well, for those unable to plant the larger growing trees. She also helped plant a serviceberry.

    • The board also helped plant trees at Unglesbee Park in Libertytown. The planting was funded through the Gift of Trees program. A total of 15 trees Gift of Trees were planted, as well as 3 basswood donated by the LCCA. The Board sent out a Press Release promoting the Gift of Trees program.

    • The Board will decide via a survey whether or not we want to attend the Earth Awareness event which will take place downtown Frederick on 6/25 simultaneously to the busy pride fest.

  2. Urban Forestry:

    • A Second Sunday Tree Walk was plan for May 8th, but was canceled due to inclement weather. An additional walk was also put on for the Daughters of the American Revolution, which was well received. The next Second Sunday Tree Walk is planned for June 12th at Baker Park which will be led by Dave Hunter and Sonia Demiray. Another private group from Urbana also requested a tree walk, which is being planned for June 10th to be led by Mike Kay.

    • Bruce Phillips, and other members, have begun re-measuring trees for the MD Big Tree program throughout the county. Of the 26 needing re-measured, 10 have been completed so far. Additionally, 3 new requests have also come in since the Wolf Tree article was published in the FNP.

    • The next Nature Notes article is due to the FNP May 20th. An article on the utilization of different types of mulch and the physical properties of wood was also discussed.

  3. Website: Dave set up two tree walks for May and June. Due to the cancelation of the May walk, Dave also refunded money to those that preregistered. Published the weekly nature notes via email (221 recipients), Facebook, and Instagram.

  4. Media:

    • Announcements: The Board will continue to inform and educate the public about sustainable land management and forestry related topics through extensive bi-weekly feature articles in all local and regional media outlets. We will also continue to announce and promote tree walk, the NRCC, and any event that the Board attends across the media and related websites. The Board’s website is now averaging 1,000 visits per week.

    • Articles: The next nature notes article is due to the FNP by May 20th.

    • Nature Notes: We are in desperate need for additional Nature Notes. We can certainly also start recycling NN which are three or more years old. but could use some additional on spring/summer related topics.

New Business:

  • Tree Shelters: The tree shelter recycling/repurposing pilot program has begun. The article was published in the newspaper a few weeks ago and has continued to receive many hits, with much interest. A number of people also signed up to volunteer with removal and collection. The next step is to develop a webpage specifically dedicated to tree shelter recycling on our home page and connected to a FB page. Mike has also continued researching out of state recycling options. A facility in Harrisburg, PA will take the shelters for recycling purposes, converting them to some type of fuel (like coal). For recycling purposes we would need to fill at least a tractor trailer full of shelters (about 10,000 lbs.) to be viable. To collect this many shelters, we would likely need to partner with other FBs/counties. Mike and Sonia are planning to meet with Anne Hairston-Strang to discuss options and pursue this further with grant funds, collegiate competitions, etc.

  • Seed Collection: We received a message from Streamlink and the Potomac Conservancy to see if we would be willing to help with (tree) seed collection. After some discussion, and some input from Mike, we determined that unless knowledgeable people and good quality control is kept collecting seed could be a real headache and waste of time. We will pursue the request further depending upon these conditions.