Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

July 11, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Members Present: B. Phillips, V. Perrotta, K. Schoonover, S. Demiray, T. Anderson, D. Russell, M. Kay, D. Durcho

Guests: Jim Arnold

Membership: The board has accepted two new membership applications. One from Jeremy Murphy, who has been attending out meetings for the past several months and another from a former member Jim Arnold. Membership applications will be signed and approved at the board level and sent to HQ for further review. Mike has officially taken over as treasurer of the board, with account administrators being changed over on June 29. Sonia is also taking over webmaster responsibilities, for now, and is meeting with Dave Barrow Friday 7/15 to help transition these duties. Lastly, Dakota mentioned that Thomas Keenan will be filling the Monocacy Watershed Forester position, and will likely be starting before the end of July. Thomas will be invited to meet the forestry board at the September meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: We had several deposits for Second Sunday tree walks, one for the annual pesticide refresher, and another as a big tree measurement donation. These deposits totaled $322.95. There was one payment of $450.00 for our third NRCC student. The current balance is $4,927.49.

Mike will work on getting a debit card, for electronic payments, as well as work with Dave Barrow to learn about Donorbox.

Logging Site Exams: One logging site review was received since our last meeting. The job was submitted by Brian Blickenstaff of Blickenstaff Logging Inc. The job calls for the removal of 72 trees on approximately 11 acres. The landowner’s objective is to selectively harvest mature trees, dead trees, and to generate income. The property is located across from 12916 Spruce Run Road. The board will review this plan within the next week.

The board is working on setting up a meeting with the county permitting officials to discuss the logging permitting process. The goal is to come to a mutual understanding of requirements and requests, as well as to increase efficiency for the permitting offices and individuals applying for permits.


1. County Events

The board is planning to reach out to the Monocacy & Catoctin Watershed Alliance to see if we can attend the Frederick Fair in conjunction with their booth. The fair is from September 16 – 24.

The Frederick County Forestry Board was asked to take part in the Potomac/Monocacy Report Card. The forum type event will be to discuss opinions on watershed health, and assessment of the social, economic, and environmental aspects of the land and waterways in the area. Dakota and Sonia will swing by.

Additionally, the board was requested by the Frederick County Master Gardner’s to help with a 45 minute presentation at an upcoming event. Mike and Sonia will attend one event early 2023 to give a presentation about “Woods in your Backyard”.

2. Urban Forestry

1) A Second Sunday Tree Walk was planned for July 10th, but was cancelled due to only one participant being signed up. The next Second Sunday Tree Walk will be on August 14th at Baker Park. Walks will be continued to be alternated between Baker Park and Hood College. The goal is to continue to offer these tree walks year round – in general, Vince will hold Baker Park walks and Sonia will host the Hood College walks. We have found that two guides is easier than one so we may double up. The board also discussed expanding these walks to forest walks, and is planning a visit to Gambrill State Park’s trail system to further explore this option.

2) Bruce Phillips has continued with MD Big Tree remeasures, and is now on the last request. Doug Inkley, of the Washington County Forestry Board, has nominated 6 new trees in Frederick County for review. One of these trees may be a new black walnut county champ, which is located near the C&O canal. Review of these trees will follow.

3. Media

1. Green Section: The next article will be on the next phase of the tree shelter initiative. The Board has outlined a list of articles (and responsible parties) in the Bi-weekly Green Section of the Frederick News Post until the end of the year. The list includes an article about the NRC 2022 camper’s experience and two support articles about invasive species to draw attention to the upcoming SLF workshop.

2. Nature Notes: There are still plenty of nature notes articles for the coming weeks.

3. Website: In transition…

4. Social Media: We will plan on additional postings with regular intervals.

Tree Shelters:

A new Green Section article is being prepared, which will discuss new developments, and the next steps for the tree shelter recycling program. A follow up with Frederick County Solid Waste Department will also be pursued to determine if we can have a dumpster placed at their facility for tree shelter collection. The recycling center willing to take the tree shelters only wants tree shelters (#5 plastics). Stakes must also be removed before being recycled. A discussion about connecting people with shelters to those that need them was further explored. Using an existing system like ChipDrop may be the next step to make this more efficient. A collaboration may also be pursued. Mike also plans to work on putting a $5,000 grant application together to help fund the tree shelter recycling program.

New Business: August meeting cancelled – vacation month.

The Frederick Area Landscape Contractors and Nurserymen's Association has asked the board to partnership with them, and be a group member to their organization. The fee for the membership is $60 per year. Drake Russell decided to sponsor the board for the first year in this partnership. We may be working together on various projects like the tree shelter recycling program, as well as on outreach and training events.