Fourth Friday Forest Walks

Starting October 28, 2022, the Frederick County Forestry Board will offer guided tours along the Red Trail of Gambrill State Park, a public recreation area located on Catoctin Mountain near the city of Frederick.

We invite you to join Michael Kay, member of the Forestry Board and retired County Forester of 33 years, as he explains differences between trees, ecosystems, forest succession, and answers your questions.

  • The forest walk follows the one mile red hiking trail on Gambrill Heights and will take approximately 90 minutes

  • Registration and a signed release form (within the registration) are required for this walk

  • The red trail has some rough terrain including areas of steep climbs and descents, and possible rolling rock underfoot

  • Please wear long pants and solid footwear as there can be poisonous vines and unsure footing

  • This forest walk is donation based- all proceeds help us sponsor Frederick High School Students to the annual Natural Resources Careers Camp

  • The groups are limited to 20 people at a time so that everyone can hear

  • Private walks can be arranged for, including for schools

This Poem was written by Elayne Bond, inspired by The Frederick County Forest Walk.