Timber Harvest Plan

The Board has been reviewing timber harvest plans since 1996. Experience has taught us that certain information is essential for the Board to carry out its duties. In order to speed up the process for the benefit of all concerned, the Board has decided to require that all timber harvest plans include the following elements.

  • Landowner name, address, and telephone number.
  • Statement of landowner's objectives.
  • Name, address, and telephone number of person preparing plan.
  • Accurate map with north arrow locating property, showing access point in relation to roads with distance from nearby junction, street numbers if any at or near property. Roadside flagging often helps. Using a USGS topo map may also be helpful in finding and examining the property.
  • Accurate map locating property boundaries, harvest area and number of acres, location of access roads, loading decks, and haul roads, creeks or wetlands if any and related buffer zones. (The two maps may be combined.)
  • The plan must include a statement as to the type of harvest (individual selection, group selection, shelter wood, etc.). Pre- and post-harvest basal area should be indicated.
  • Trees to be harvested must be marked at approximately eye level and at the base, preferably all on the same side. If trees in the harvest area have been marked with more than one color, the plan must indicate which color has been used for the plan being reviewed. The tree marking requirement can be waived based on extenuating circumstances
  • Other on-site items that would help speed the process include clearly marked boundaries, access roads, landing area, and stream or wetland buffer areas.

Remember, we're in this together. The easier it is for us to examine the property and determine just what the plan calls for, the more likely you are to get that approval letter the first time around.

For more information, consult Michael Kay, Frederick Project Manager, Maryland Forest Service, 8602 Gambrill Park Road, Frederick, MD 21702 (301-473-8417).