Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

May 12, 2008 Meeting Minutes

The Board interviewed three candidates for the Natural Resources Careers Conference camp to be held this July. The candidates were Sarah Delise (Middletown High), Melany Rowley (Frederick High), and Ashley Smith (Catoctin High). The Board members were impressed with quality of all three candidates. After some discussion it was decided to award the two Frederick County scholarships to Sarah and Ashley and select Melany as an alternate. The Board is investigating ways to allow all three candidates to attend.

  1. Gypsy moth suppression: Spraying has begun but was hindered by the weather. As of the meeting date the Urbana/Sugarloaf, Yellow Springs, Gambrill Park Road, and Frederick City Watershed spray blocks were completed with the remaining areas around Thurmont, Emmitsburg, and South Mountain to be completed in the next week. (Note: visit the Gypsy moth suppression page for the latest update) The Board is considering creating a report for the County Commissioners to illustrate how their how their funds were spent and how many acres of forest were saved by their supportive efforts.

  2. Timber harvests: Members of the board accompanied Mike Kay on several timber harvest inspections in early May. One of the inspections resulted in a recommendation for a control of autumn olive to prevent its rapid spread if timber is harvested. No new timber harvest plans have been submitted in the last month.