Natural Resources Career Camp

Every summer the board sponsors 2-4 High School Students to the Natural Resources Careers Camp (NRCC) in Garrett County. The Camp is organized by the MD Department of Natural Resources and the Association of Forestry Boards and paid for by funds raised throughout the year by your Forestry Board. Our goal is to make young men and women - who like the outdoors- aware of the amazing and fascinating array of careers in stewardship, conservation, afforestation, and regeneration of our natural resources, as well as wildlife management, advocacy, and protection. Over the one week coed camp, in addition to learning about potential career options, attendees learn fun techniques, make friends, and importantly network with Natural Resource Professionals. College Credits are available for junior and senior high school students.

The camp ends up being mostly (or completely) free for students who are sponsored by their Forestry Board. We cover the $500 camp fee and may reimburse the $150 activity fee if we receive a good essay at the end of the camp from the attendees.

Members of the NRCC Committee of the Maryland Association of Forestry Boards plan, organize, recruit, while the 24 Maryland Forestry Boards fundraise in order to sponsor kids to the camp. Why do a bunch of volunteers endure this difficult effort year after year?

1) Because we need smart and dedicate professionals to protect our environment and natural resources.

2) Because year after year, high school students who attended tell us it is a great experience. Many inspired by a conference speaker, counselor, educator, or experience, decide to continue on in a Natural Resources Career.

The Frederick County Forest Conservancy District Board is now accepting applications to the 2023 NRCC Camp which will be held from July 23-29, 2023. The weeklong camp is open to students who will be entering grades 9 through 12 next year.

Applications and more information is available through the Maryland Forest Conservancy District Boards. Space is limited, so apply as soon as possible. Funding assistance for Maryland students is available.

Anyone in Frederick County should call Dakota Durcho at 301-473-8417, or email him at

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