Spotlight on Events

  1. Nature note for April 5 - Brook Trout
  2. Enter the 2020 Maryland Natural Resource Photo Contest!
  3. How to plant a container tree.
  4. The monthly Board meeting will be held via a conference call. The agenda for the meeting is below. If you have any question contact
  5. The Board is accepting applications to Natural Resources Career Camp. Read a brief description about the camp and comments from past attendees. Please help the Board send multiple high school students from Frederick County by making a donation. Every little bit helps (donations are tax deductible).
  6. StreamLink Education's spring planting season is here. Volunteers needed for seven plantings and two tree care events (see dates of the events in the calendar below).

The new image at the top of this page is Spruce Run on Middle Creek in Wolfsville, MD.

Calendar of Events

Frederick County Forestry Board Meeting

Agenda for the April 13, 2020, 2020

The board will be holding its monthly meetings via email. If you have any comments dealing with any issues on the agenda, please email them to Your comments will be consolidated with all the other comments and dispersed to all board members and people providing comments.

  1. Membership:
  2. Treasurer’s Report: Dave Barrow
  3. Logging site exams: Mike
  4. Frederick Tree walk (update): Bethany
  5. Forestry Board PR Activities: Sonia, Dave
  6. Frederick County FRO updates: Dave
  7. Nature Notes: Lori
  8. Website: Dave
  9. New Business:
  10. Depart:

You can contact the Board using the information below:

Frederick County Forest Conservancy District Board

8602 Gambrill Park Road

Frederick, MD 21702

Executive Secretary, Michael Kay

301-473-8417, 301-473-8577 (FAX)

Visit the Maryland Association of Forest Conservancy District Boards for a listing of all Maryland county offices (includes mailing addresses and phone numbers).

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