Spotlight on Events

  1. Nature note for September 26 - Little and Great Blue Heron
  2. Image of the week -American Pokeweed (Pokeberry)
  3. Maryland DNR has developed educational resources for K-12 grades and the Kidz zone for forestry education
  4. Maryland has some great programs for planting trees. You can find them at Tree-Mendous Maryland Programs
  5. Maryland DNR September Newsletter for 2020

Page header photo - Eastern Hornbeam Hops can be found around the county

Calendar of Events

You can contact the Board using the information below:

Frederick County Forest Conservancy District Board

8602 Gambrill Park Road

Frederick, MD 21702

Executive Secretary, Michael Kay

301-473-8417, 301-473-8577 (FAX)

Visit the Maryland Association of Forest Conservancy District Boards for a listing of all Maryland county offices (includes mailing addresses and phone numbers).

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