Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

July 14, 2008 Meeting Minutes

  1. Logging Site Exams: Only one plan was submitted for a relatively small acreage was submitted since the last meeting. Mike will conduct the inspection.

  2. Big Tree Program: Training was attended by Lynne, Mike and John Leaf. They measured a number of trees in the Middletown and Frederick City areas; and, Mike handed over measuring equipment to Lynne. However, the clinometer Mike provided Lynne was not sufficient to measure very tall trees so it would have to be replaced. Tyson indicated that he would draft an application sheet for the website where landowners could contact the Board to inquire if their tree could be measured. Tyson will present a draft at the next meeting for comments.

  3. Gypsy Moth: Mike indicated that gypsy moths were mature and they were mating and laying their eggs now. The Frederick County Gypsy Moth Task force will be meeting on 7-16-08 to critique their 2008 spray program and discuss where we go from here. The task force will draft a report for the County Commissioners and other officials and discuss whether or not we wish to conduct a field trip for officials. A possible site for the trip would be the Frederick City Watershed. Mike spoke to Tom Lupp and Tom indicated that they have finished their aerial survey of the County. Tom sent the GIS files of this survey but Mike was unable to review these files prior to the meeting. It appears that there was nearly 9,000 acres of defoliation which was an increase from 2007 when 5,500 acres were defoliated. Mike mentioned that a Statewide Gypsy Moth Task Force was being formed to review the State Sponsored program and this would review such topics as priority ranking system, using Confirm, funding etc. Finally, Tom mentioned that the NPV virus had impacted larvae especially females that have to go through an additional instar of development and Tom is seeing smaller females and not as many which are signs of a population under stress. Hopefully, this will result in less egg masses being deposited.

  4. NRCC Camp: According to Lynne there are enough attendees on board so that the program will be held as scheduled. Tom indicated that he submitted payment from the Frederick County Forestry Board funds for the two students along with $500 to cover additional expenses involved with the camp.

  5. New Business: Keith indicated that he received a copy of the Sustainable Forestry Act from Mel Noland. Mike will try to get an electronic copy and send it to board members.

  6. Emerald Ash borer: George sat in a C&O Canal meeting with National Park personnel and they are conducting an extensive survey of their land to see if emerald ash borer has invaded the property. There are some serious concerns that this is already the case.

  7. Educational Program: Mike suggested that we think about an educational program to sponsor during the fall and discuss it at the September meeting. Tom suggested that we revive gypsy moth trainings if it looks like the moths will be active again in the future. Lynne mentioned that the Boards are trying to make pamphlets of the big trees.