Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

October 13, 2008 Meeting Minutes

  1. Logging Exams: Mike and Lynne visited the Thurmont Watershed logging site in September and we thought the marking conformed to the plan that was submitted so we approved the plan. Two additional plans were submitted that Mike will visit as he has time to do so.

  2. State Association Meeting: Lynne, Larry, Tyson and Mike attended this meeting. Everybody thought the meeting was interesting but attendance was low. Lynne provided a short synopsis. The elections were postponed until the winter meeting. Green Fund slated for 2010, this has a provision to supply Forestry Boards with $50,000 for two years totaling $100,000. This money may have some earmarks attached to it. Sustainable Forestry Act 2009. Comments are being solicited on this act which will be introduced during the next Legislative session.

  3. Gypsy Moth: Tom Lupp estimates that 20,000 acres are at risk in Frederick County next spring. Most of the infestation is found on Catoctin Mountain from Rt 40 north to Pennsylvania although there are some hotspots around Walkersville, Woodsboro, and Mar-lu-Ridge. The Frederick County Gypsy Moth Task Force met to discuss the 2009 season and concluded that they need to develop a program and hold at least two public information meetings around the county. Judy Lingg said that she would set up a meeting in Thurmont ; and, after much discussion we decided to look for a location in Frederick City to hold the second meeting. The forestry Board should be an active participant in these meetings and could lend their support to the suppression program where necessary.

  4. NRCC: Lynne mentioned that she submitted a grant to the Frederick Community Foundation for $523 to help defray the cost of sending two students to camp. Lynne also mentioned that it was mentioned that there is no deficit left for the 2008 program.

  5. Frederick Fair: Tom and Tyson staffed a booth during the fair to handout pamphlets on the Forestry Board and NRCC. Tom estimates that he distributed 50 NRCC pamphlets to interested students.

  6. Other Business: Tom mentioned that he spoke with Terry Poole about a proposed Forestry Course that Terry and Jonathan Kays hope to develop for the spring of 2009. Terry hoped that the Forestry Board could assist in some capacity with this program.