Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

January 12, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Those present: George Lewis, Keith Schoonover, Ginny Brace, Jim Arnold, Lynne Marquess, Tom Anderson, Tyson Rose, Mike Kay

  1. Logging Site Exams: Mike received one plan located in the Mt. Airy, area. Mike wonders if this property is part of a Conservation zone. Mike will look into this and send an e-mail if a site visit is warranted.

  2. Gypsy Moth: The Gypsy Moth Task Force met on 1-7-09 and discussed a number of matters. Tom Lupp with MDA stated that he expects 23,000 acres of potential defoliation in the county during 2009. Tom stated that he submitted proposed spray blocks totaling 17,000 acres for approval. As such, if the spray blocks are not changed, and anticipated funding is available we could expect MDA to spray 17,000 acres in the county this spring. Mike mentioned that he received notices from about 100 individuals on 3,000 acres who wish to participate in a private supplemental program. Using this information Parkton Woodland Services has sent bid requests for the private spray program. Upcoming duties for the task force include selecting a spray contractor, and approaching the County Commissioners to inquire about potential cost sharing. Mike displayed a county map which illustrated where gypsy moth populations exist. Tyson asked Mike to inquire whether or not Tom Lupp can make this map available for posting on the Web Site. Mike will contact Tom.

  3. Signage: Ginny said she contacted a number of local vendors regarding signs and thought that Frederick Banner and Sign offered the best product for the price. Ginny said that the vendor could supply an 8” x 11.5” vinyl laminated sign for $11.50. The same sign in Aluminum would range in price between $50 - $32 depending on the amount we ordered. Ginny said that she will design a sign and have it made to display it to the board. Mike mentioned that Ginny should contact Kay Schultz for some possible funding. Ginny concluded by saying that the new bike path being constructed along the Frederick Greenways plantings would be an ideal area to erect some informational signs since hundreds of people will be traveling along this path on a daily basis. Ginny thinks we could cover that path for about $400.

  4. Web Site: Tyson mentioned that he is always looking for more content. Mike and Tyson will work on a new page for the Web site entitled "Frederick County Landscapes".

  5. Small Woodlot Management: Mike is meeting with Jon Kays, Terry Poole, and Bryan Seipp soon to develop and schedule this program.

  6. Other Trainings: Mike proposed that the Board consider sponsoring mini-forestry related trainings. For example, we could hold two lecture activities a week apart at the Extension Building and conduct a field activity on the Saturday between the lectures. Example: Forest Management Thursday Lecture: Forest Ecology, Saturday: Tree Identification Thursday: Forest Management Practices. Perhaps we can schedule one course per season beginning in the summer of 09.

  7. Harriett Weiss: George distributed a calendar that contained photos by Harriett Weiss which is a highly sought after local calendar in Frederick County. George thought that the Board could help Harriett locate some Frederick County champion trees to photograph for a future calendar. Board members thought that was a good idea and suggested that George invite Harriet to an upcoming meeting.

  8. NRCC: Lynne mentioned that the Education Committee will be distributing camp information soon. Lynne thought that a Newspaper article on Sarah, who wrote a nice letter about camp and has been accepted into the Forestry Program at Virginia Tech would be nice. Lynne would like to contact Karen Garden to propose such an article.