Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

June 8, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Those present: Keith Schoonover, Jim Arnold, Tom Anderson, Lynne Marquess, Tyson Rose, and Mike Kay

  1. Keith called the meeting to order. May’s minutes were approved as written.

  2. Treasurer’s Report: Tom reported the balance in the account. Tom noted that he sent checks totaling to Jeff Grills for weed trimmers. Tom also noted that we received $17.85 in interest. Tom mentioned that the Washington County Forestry Board cashed the check he submitted for the walnuts.

  3. Logging site exams: Mike received one plan from a landowner who has an FCMA. We decided to inspect the property at 8:00 am on Thursday, June 18. Please call Mike to confirm if you are going to attend this inspection. If Mike does not get any calls then he will inspect the property at his convenience.

  4. Larry’s Dinner Meeting: Our July meeting is scheduled for Thursday July 9, 2009 and it will be at the Red Horse restaurant to honor Larry Sharpe for winning the Greydon Tolson Award for lifetime achievement. Our meeting will begin at 6:00 pm and conclude at 6:30 pm when the diner will begin. Please check in with Lynne to order your entrée. You have the choice between, chicken, salmon, and prime rib. So far: Tom – salmon, Keith – prime rib, Mike – prime rib.

  5. NRCC: Lynne reports that there are 30 students signed up at present, none from Frederick County. After some discussion a motion was made to submit $600 to be used for tuition for Frederick County students or, students from another county if we are unable to recruit anybody this year. The motion was seconded and passed by those present.

  6. Gypsy Moth: We have completed the spraying as of June 1, 2009. Tyson did a wonderful job posting daily updates on the web site. Mike thought that Helicopter Applicators did a good job of application noting that he witnessed them averting a possible spraying of schoolchildren waiting at a bus stop. Tom Lupp mentioned that the cool wet weather has stimulated the NPV virus such that with the spraying;and natural controls we may be looking at a significant collapse of gypsy moth populations. Once Mike receives information from the defoliation surveys he will draft a final report on the spray program and send it to Tyson for posting on the web site. We discussed the article in Stronghold’s Newsletter regarding their being dropped by MDA; and could relate with both Stronghold and MDA’s viewpoint.

  7. Nature Notes: Tom indicated that the column has morphed into a weekly column with more condensed information. Ginny has a diverse number of contributors so we should have no trouble providing information on a weekly basis.

  8. Interpretive Signs: Ginny met with Chuck Harris and they identified all of the trees along Baker Park’s riparian tree planting. Ginny will now request permission to install signage from Frederick City.

  9. Small Woodlot Management: Mike reported that he attended one lecture and assisted with the field exercise at Waterford Park. Ginny and another resident led walks throughout the park to illustrate and discuss their tree planting, stream bank stabilization, weed control, tree pruning, meadow establishment, and interpretive projects with nearly 60 people. Mike and Bryan Seipp assisted with this program. Mike was impressed with the number of attendees and interest in this program. Mike suggested that the board consider working with Extension on the development of other educational opportunities because the demand is there.

  10. Web Site: Tyson would like a new picture of the Board for the web site and it was suggested that we take a photo at the dinner meeting. Tyson would also like to post the Nature Notes columns after they have ran in the paper.

  11. Big Tree program: Lynne gave Mike the green Ranger’s vest back after she washed it getting rid of 10+ years of honest crud and odor.

  12. Other Business: Lynne mentioned that she had an article published in MFA’s Cross Cut newsletter on hickory trees. Lynne also mentioned that this issue has a good synopsis of this year’s legislative sessions.