Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

October 12, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Those present: Larry Sharpe, Keith Schoonover, Ginny Brace, Jim Arnold, Tyson Rose, Mike Kay

  1. Keith called the meeting to order and September’s minutes were approved as written.

  2. Treasurer’s Report: In an email message Tom stated that October’s balance is $11,637.10. Mike received a letter from Frederick County Budget office that stated that if further cuts to the County Budget are forthcoming; our 2010 allotment may be cut or eliminated.

  3. Logging site exams: Mike received a plan late in September for a salvage harvest on South Mountain that he already visited and sent an approval letter. There were no further plans submitted this month.

  4. Nature Notes: We missed a week’s submission due to lack of articles. Mike will revise his fall color alert and we should have enough content for the upcoming week. Ginny suggested that other members consider sending her short articles to help with the submissions.

  5. Signs: Erin Thomas, Gambrill Park Manager, has been sending Mike the finished content for a number of species. Ginny took a sample sign to RSI Inc. for a price quote and is awaiting a response.

  6. Urban Forestry: The City of Thurmont submitted a successful MUCFC urban tree grant for the planting of trees for a street scape program. (Mike just received notice that the grant was approved.)

  7. Catoctin Forest Alliance: The CFA has shown interest in spearheading a hemlock restoration program. Mike is in the process of assembling a work group consisting of Mike, Mike West, Tom Lupp, and Larry Maxim to develop localized restoration prescriptions. It is anticipated that CFA will function as a source of landowner contacts, assisting with trainings, and obtaining funding. Larry Maxim was recently assigned to assume Phil Pannill’s position as Western Regional, Watershed Forester. Larry was the Manager of Savage River State Forest for the last 20 years, before that Larry was the Project Forester for Washington County. Larry indicated that he would love to work on the hemlock restoration program and he will probably take the lead as the Forest Service’s representative.

  8. Emerald Ash Borer: Tom Lupp indicated that the ash borer traps were removed and no signs of the insect were found in Frederick County. Nonetheless, the ash borer has spread throughout the region and it is anticipated that it will find its way into the county before long.

  9. Great Frederick Fair: Tom, his son Nathan, and Tyson staffed the M – C Watershed Alliance booth during the fair and distributed forestry board information.

  10. Web Site: Tyson reports that the site is mostly up to date except for the Camp Hickory pictures Lynne submitted. Once Tyson selects which of Lynne’s photographs to use he will post them.

  11. Budget request: Larry mentioned that Wolfsville Fire Company requested a cutting apparatus costing $1,000 as a possible donation from the Board. This saw would be used to cut cars open to extract accident victims. After some questions most Board members said this might be well needed but it does not pertain to forestry. They asked Larry if the fire company needs anything that could be used on forest fires. Larry thought that they might be purchasing an ATV for forest fires. After more discussion we asked Larry to obtain more information and perhaps the Board could assist with the cost of this ATV.