Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

November 9, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Those present: Lynne Marquess, Jim Arnold, Keith Schoonover, Tom Anderson, Tyson Rose, Ginny Brace, Heather Montgomery, Mike Kay

  1. Call to Order: Keith called the meeting to order and the October Minutes were approved as written.

  2. Treasury: Tom indicated that we had $12,181.90 in the Treasury including the $540 earmarked to Thurmont for the MUCFC Grant for the Town’s Streetscape project. Tom drafted a check for $540 which Mike will mail to Thurmont.

  3. Logging Site Exams: One plan was submitted for a property on Middlepoint Road near Wolfsville. We decided to visit the property on Wednesday, November 18, 2009. If you would like to attend please meet at Gambrill by 8:00.

  4. NRCC: Lynne has nothing new to announce; although she said that there would be a meeting of the Educational Committee to discuss the program at the State Association meeting.

  5. Nature Notes: Ginny, Tom, and Mike have been providing enough content for the weekly column and there has been some conversation about going on hiatus for the winter. However, we discussed this and think we can carry on with the column year long.

  6. Interpretive Signs: Ginny mentioned that the vendor she was dealing with went out of business but she has another business in mind. Mike indicated that Erin Thomas continues to draft informative signs for the 30+ species we have on the tree ID trail at Gambrill.

  7. Web Site: Tyson said the site is mostly up to date but he has to add some Nature Notes columns once he receives them from Ginny.

  8. Educational Activities: Mike spoke about two programs under development that would require some sort of educational component, the Hemlock Restoration Project and Residential Tree Planting Program. The Forestry Board could play an important role helping to develop and fund these educational activities.

  9. Residential Tree Planting Program: A subcommittee of the Monocacy – Catoctin Watershed Alliance is meeting tomorrow to brainstorm how to develop a program geared to provide professional assistance and funding to residential landowners for the purpose of planting trees around their property. Mike thinks the Forestry Board could become an active member of this development and he asked whether or not the Treasury could funnel funds from a grantor to the landowner if necessary. The Board members present indicated that they thought this would be a possibility. This program is in the initial phase of its development so there is much to be decided before substantive information is brought forward.

  10. Heather Montgomery: Heather thanked the Board for having her to the meeting and said she would try to stay abreast with the Board’s activities by attending some meetings and receiving minutes. Heather was hired by Frederick County’s Watershed Division as the Community Restoration Coordinator a position that Kay Schultz held up to her retirement. Some of Heather’s duties are to coordinate the activities of the Monocacy – Catoctin Watershed Alliance, Serve as a member of MD’s MUCFC committee for Urban Forestry, continue her work on establishing the tree canopy goals for county schools, and helping to prepare a countywide Green Infrastructure Plan. Heather invited any Board member to attend the upcoming Monocacy – Catoctin meeting on December 18, 2009 which will have a potluck lunch. See the Web site for more details.

  11. Fall Meeting: Lynne will be attending the meeting. Mike indicated that he will not be able to attend due to the anticipated high fire danger. Mike mentioned that meetings held in April or November when tree planting is going on and forest fire danger is at its peak, make it hard to attend.