Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

December 13, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Those present: Ginny Brace, Keith Schoonover, Lynne Marquess, Tom Anderson, Jim Arnold, Tyson Rose, Bob Scheer, Mike Kay

We met at Ginny’s place this month and I have to say that the coffee and cookie session was a great way to begin the meeting. We did have to pry Tyson away from the model train set but that just gave us more time to enjoy the goodies. (I don’t think any cookies were left over!)

  1. Call to order: Keith called the meeting to order; November’s minutes were accepted as corrected earlier last month.

  2. Guests: Everybody welcomed Bob Scheer to the meeting. Bob is a resident of Middletown, he attended the Neighborhood Green program and intends to plant trees on his property next spring. Bob has a management plan which he has been following for a number of years. Thanks for your interest in the Board Bob!

  3. Treasurer’s Report: Tom indicated that we have $9,981.79 in the Treasury. Mike gave Tom a 2011 application for funding from Frederick County. Board members thought it would be appropriate to apply for the usual $2,000 appropriation despite the reduced funding we have been receiving.

  4. Logging site exams: No plans were submitted for December. We inspected three sites last month including one property where much of the cutting had been done; and, the landowner approached the logger inquiring about a permit after Keith recommended that the landowner procure a permit. We ultimately approved this site although Mike spoke to the logger and told him that we don’t normally approve jobs after the fact, and it is likely that they won’t approve anymore of his plans if he submits them after work has begun. This logger is from the Clear Spring area and was not aware of the Frederick County regulation requiring plan submission and Forestry Board approval. After much discussion Tyson and Mike agreed to put together an article on the timber harvest permitting process for the web site; and, how it is the landowner’s responsibility to have a permit.

  5. Big Tree program: Mike measured two large trees last month, an Osage orange in Jefferson and a white oak tree in Johnsville. Both trees were Frederick County champions. Lynne relayed a suggestion made by John Bennett that the Western Regional boards purchase a laser hypsometer to more accurately measure tree height.

  6. NRCC Camp: Lynne explained this program to Bob saying that the Board strives to recruit at least 2 student attendees from Frederick County each year. Lynne also mentioned that the NRCC committee met on December 2, 2010 and submitted a quarterly report to the rank and file. The committee updated the application material and we have received one application from a student in Kent County so far.

  7. Fall Statewide meeting: Jim and Lynne attended this meeting. As part of this meeting Jim Bardsley was nominated and voted to assume the role as President of the Association. Jim replaces Mel Noland who passed away unexpectedly last summer. Jim and Lynne also mentioned that State Forester Steve Koehn delivered an update on the Forest Service and mentioned that he would like to visit all the individual county Board at a regular board meeting next year. John Bennett took the minutes at this meeting and distributed them via email. The US Fish & Wildlife Service is providing grant funding to provide outreach training to members. Members of the Carroll County Forestry Board spoke about Weed Warrior program and mentioned that Carroll Bergman might be willing to help develop a training/weeding program for individual boards as necessary. We thought that Waterford Park might be a good location for this.

  8. Nature Notes: Ginny says that things are going well and asked that we produce an article on chipmunks.

  9. Web Site: Tyson indicated that he updated the NRCC application material. Tyson also provided a brief description of the site for Bob.

  10. Other Business:

  • Mike notified members that John Leaf may retire from the Forest Service if he is able to obtain the Voluntary State Separation program. John’s final day would be 1-31-11 if he is accepted into this program.

  • Mike also explained his involvement in the Green Ridge State Forest inventory and estimated that he would be working on this project for the next 2 – 5 years. Mike estimates that he will be spending about 2 days per week at Green Ridge.

  • Ginny mentioned, once again, that we should have a brainstorming meeting to develop 2011 projects. As such, the main focus of the January meeting will be a brainstorming session (See attached agenda).

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!