Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

September 12, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Those Present: Ginny Brace, Lynne Marquess, Tom Anderson, Jim Arnold, Tyson Rose, Keith Schoonover, Mike Kay

Group Photo: Board members posed for an updated group photo. Thanks to Ranger Alicia Norris who took the photo.

  1. Call to order: Keith called the meeting to order and June’s minutes were approved as written. Mike indicated that Karen Gardner could not make it to the meeting but she indicated that she would join us at the October meeting.

  2. Treasurer’s report: Tom indicated that the Board received their yearly appropriation from Frederick County and he placed it in our bank account.

  3. Logging site exams: Mike indicated that he received two plans for the month; both properties are enrolled in the Forest Conservation and Management Agreement program. We decided to hold the field visits for Monday, September 19, 2011, meeting at Gambrill at 8:00 am.

  4. Jean Blake: Lynne mentioned that Jean Blake passed away in August after suffering a massive stroke. There was a moment of silence in Jean’s honor.

  5. NRCC: Lynne mentioned that 29 out of 30 participants graduated from camp and the one fellow who did not graduate had to leave camp for medical reasons. Lynne spent the week at camp and served as the camp’s photographer taking nearly 700 photos. Lynne also produced the official written summary of the program which she sent to the Education committee. Lynne also put together an article for our web page and will send one to the Monocacy – Catoctin Watershed Alliance website. Lynne also mentioned that she is sending the new Director of Schools Theresa Albans a letter advising Ms. Albans about NRCC. In the wake of the Governor’s new Environmental education directive their might be more interest in the opportunities that camp affords. Lynne is also working with Karen Gardner on an article about camp. Lynne distributed a thank you note written by Linnea Kriete. Linnea thanked the Board for sending her to camp and said she learned more in one week at camp than she does in one year at school. One of last year’s students Joey Williams returned as a staff assistant and was a real asset to the camp as well.

  6. Future Harvest Workshop: Mike asked if the Board would like to participate in an upcoming forestry field day at the Steve Thrasher property in Jefferson which is being offered to members of Future Harvest. This program will be help on Tuesday, October 25, 2011 from 12:00 pm until 4:00 pm. Mike asked the Forestry Board if they would be interested in participating in the program. After much discussion Tom Anderson volunteered to attend and provide a short talk on the Forestry Board and how they assist Frederick County landowners. Additional members displayed interest in attending and mentioned that they might be able to help financially with refreshments etc. Mike will contact Craig Highfield to incorporate the Board into the program. (Mike thinks that Steve Thrasher would make an excellent Board member.)

  7. Nature Notes: Ginny said that we are staying up with providing content for the column but she’s always looking for more articles.

  8. Web Site: Tyson thanked the Board for showing up for the group photo which he will add to the web site. Tyson also mentioned that he has added Lynne’s summary of NRCC to the site. There was some discussion on possible handouts Tom and Tyson could bring to the Frederick Fair and we settled on a trifold brochure that would have some basic information including the web site address. The Board dedicated $100 for the purpose of printing up this brochure.

  9. Other Business: See Below

    • Brochures – Business Cards: Members thought that we should investigate the publishing of a high quality brochure or some business cards that we could distribute at the various functions we attend.

    • Membership Recruitment: Lynne invited David Keene to an upcoming board meeting. Mike would like to invite Steve Thrasher as well. Tom invited Heather Montgomery , who was unable to attend tonight’s meeting but said she would try to attend October’s meeting.

    • Larry Shape Memorial: We need to develop a plaque that we can submit to HCC for their approval and look into purchase of a suitable tree. Some suggestions include a white pine, Norway spruce, and American holly.