Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

January 9, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Those present: Ginny Brace, Keith Schoonover (briefly) Michelle Donahue, Jim Arnold, Claude Eans, Tom Anderson, Lynne Marquess, Steve Thrasher, Mike Kay

  1. Members of the Forestry Lecture Series sub committee met at 6:30 pm to discuss the program. Mike distributed a copy of a proposed agenda. For the most part everybody was ok with these programs, but we switched the order of the classes. Michelle also volunteered to reword the course introductions to make them more appealing to the general public. Ginny and Michelle can finalize a brochure for distribution. We can send these brochures to people like Terry Poole, Extension Service, libraries, Karen Gardner, News Post etc. to get the word out. Should we conduct a direct mailing? Members thought it would be good to solicit registration so that speakers would know how many people to plan for. Forestry Board members volunteered to act as a coordinator at each session. The coordinator would plan the program, find speakers, and welcome people to the session, and MC the presentation. Mike and other Board members can assist with any phase of this project including helping to set up and take down the room for each program. We thought that there are enough local speakers available such that we shouldn’t have to pay for anybody to speak. There will be no registration fee for these programs. If necessary Ginny will plan another meeting to finalize plans.

  2. Call to order: Mike called the regular meeting to order and December’s minutes were approved as written.

  3. Treasurer’s Report: Tom noted that there were no changes to the Treasury and that he had not received the December, 2011 Bank Statement in time for the meeting so there might be some additional interest posted to the account.

  4. Logging site exams: Mike received 3 plans in time for the meeting. Lynne and Tom volunteered to visit the site in Green Valley area while Mike and perhaps someone else will conduct the visits in the Wolfsville area. Mike will send out an email to see if anyone is available to accompany him on these inspections.

  5. Big Tree program: Lynne mentioned that John Bennett is working with Michelle to take the lead with Big Tree measuring in Frederick County. Michelle and Lynne visited a property in advance of a visit by John and other members of the Cecil Board on January 22. Lynne and Michelle examined 4 potential big tree nominees and determined that one, a large suspected staghorn sumac was actually an ailanthus tree. Lynne took some photos and Michelle collected some sample branches that they shared with Mike to identify the trees. From the photos Mike thinks that they are maples but is not sure of the species. Perhaps John can help them id the tree when they visit on the 22nd. Michelle said that she submitted permission slips to several owners of big trees that they wish to measure and is awaiting their return. A summary of big trees for each county has now been prepared and there are many varieties in which Frederick County does not have a representative sample including swamp white oak. Lynne investigated the purchase of an electronic clinometer that can measure trees from any distance as long as the distance is determined using a measuring tape. This is different than the regular clinometer in which a standard distance must be used or you need a calculator to “do the math” to determine the distance. The laser hypsometer does not require the distance from the tree to be measured. The electronic clinometer costs about $200 while the laser hypsometer is $350. We already have a standard clinometer. Lynne and Michelle can use John’s laser hypsometer on the 22nd to get a feel if this is something we wish to purchase.

  6. NRCC: The Education Committee met on January 5, 2012. Everything that is necessary to learn about camp, and submit an application is now online, and Tyson placed this information on the Frederick Board’s website as well. So far no potential applicants have stepped forward in Frederick County. Lynne had contacted the Frederick County Public Schools Curriculum Specialist and provided her with information on the camp. This coordinator in turn provided science teachers with this information. Claude provided information to a Scout leader that he knew.

  7. Web Site: Tyson placed a link to NRCC on the website. Tyson also updated the site placing older articles on the archive section.

  8. Nature Notes: No article ran in last Sunday’s edition because Sue was out of articles. We are in the process of developing a number of articles that we can send to Sue so that she will have plenty of content. Michelle and Ginny brainstormed on a number of articles they will compose. Mike continues to work on his heron articles and will do an article on coyotes. Ginny said that she will send Sue a copy of Mike’s mountain lion article that never ran in the paper.

  9. Larry Sharpe Memorial: Lynne read a paragraph from Hagerstown Community College Volunteer coordinator pertaining to Larry’s Memorial. The coordinator will get back to Lynne soon about the wording on the plaque. Lynne also mentioned that the memorial tree planting is set to be held in late March and that it would be nice to have Board members at this event.

  10. Potential Big Tree: Steve mentioned that he has a very large hackberry on his property (Mike concurs. This is the largest hackberry I have ever seen!) that might be worth measuring.