Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

July 9, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Those present: Steve Thrasher, Jim Arnold, Tom Anderson, Heather Montgomery, Tyson Rose, Lynne Marquess, Ginny Brace, Mike Kay

  1. Call to order: In Keith’s absence Mike called the meeting to order; and, June’s minutes were approved via email last month.

  2. Treasurer’s Report: Tom indicated that there was a lot of activity in the Treasury last month. We spent $1,783.81 dollars; the biggest expense being $1,200 to send three students to NRCC. Tom indicated that he expects to see a check from Frederick County as per our yearly grant. In all likelihood this will be the last stipend we receive until the County’s Budget improves. Lynne asked Tom if the treasury balance reflected all unrestricted funds for the Board or if we still hold any funds for other groups like the Earth and Space Science Lab and Tom indicated that we no longer have any of these funds.

  3. Logging Site Exams: Mike mentioned that no exams were submitted prior to the meeting.

  4. Big Tree Program: Lynne suggested that the Board clarify with John Bennett the current status of Frederick County’s 3 National Champions. The large elm is an English elm which may disqualify it from being recognized nationally. A volunteer searched for the large boxelder but only found a dead example which he thought might be the tree. Mike will ask Kevin Moore to verify this. In addition the large honey locust has ivy vines wrapped around it such that an accurate measurement of the circumference is not possible. Someone may have to remove this vine before it is measured again. Lynne returned the tree measuring equipment to Mike and said she hopes another Board member will continue to support this program by helping to measure trees.

  5. Neighborhood Green: Heather mentioned that Larry Maxim, Melissa Stevens, and Mike Kay are conducting site visits in Frederick County while Kate Heilman is doing the same in Carroll County. So far it looks like any tree planting projects will be rather small. Mike mentioned that the folks that attended this workshop had already bought into the notion of planting trees and we have to find some way to encourage the folks with large lawns to participate. Heather mentioned that the Trust Fund has stepped forward to offer potential funding for projects outside of the Linganore watershed. Heather also mentioned that the Neighborhood Green committee will be meeting on August 1, to review applications and discuss how to increase participation in the program. Heather mentioned that she needs to refocus on how to target the desired landowners.

  6. Forest Lecture Series: Jim said he really enjoyed the Wood in Art program but thought that the turnout at the July 5, program suffered as a result of the 4th of July holiday. The final program on invasive plants will be held on Thursday, August 2, 2012 at 6:45 pm at C Burr Artz Library. Tom will be the moderator and Tom and Mike will conduct the program. Much discussion ensued about the program and we all thought that we should have a longer discussion once the program has ended.

  7. NRCC: Lynne mentioned that the Frederick Board will be sending 3 students to camp. Lynne also mentioned that 42 applications have been received but it is still too early to assume that we will have 42 students. Lynne will be attending the next meeting of the Education Committee finalizing preparations for NRCC 2012 on 7-10-12, will volunteer at the camp the entire week, and will remain as a member of the Forestry Board until the camp is over. Lynne hopes that other members will help promote the NRCC camp in the future.

  8. Nature Notes: Ginny mentioned that we are running low on articles but we have searched the archives and found some unpublished articles. Ginny also recommended that we “elaborate” on some of the early articles that were much shorter in length than those that we write these days. Ginny also asked other board members to consider writing articles or offering topics that we can use to write articles.

  9. Web Site: Tyson mentioned that everything is up to date now.

  10. Other Business: Lynne suggested that we have Keith relay the results of the overnight workshop that he attended to discuss future activities of the Forestry Board.

  11. Dinner: We plan on taking Lynne out to dinner before the August 2, 2012 lecture to thank her for all the wonderful things she did for the Forestry Board over the last 15 years. More information will be forthcoming via email.