Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

January 13, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Those present: Ginny Brace, Steve Thrasher, Claude Eans, Vince Perrotta, Jim Arnold, Andy Driscoll, Keith Schoonover, Tom Anderson, Tyson Rose, Mike Kay

  1. Call to Order: Keith called the meeting to order and welcomed Andy back. Andy thanked Keith and reintroduced himself. Andy is a professional Arborist working in Montgomery County who resides in Frederick County and is interested in becoming a member of the Board.

  2. Treasurer’s Report: Tom mentioned that he has been in contact with Heather and expects to see some activity with the Neighborhood Green funds that were deposited into the account. After some discussion it was decided that Tom, Keith, and Vince would meet sometime soon so as to add Keith and Mike’s name to the checking account. Tom mentioned that $2.20 was posted as interest the last month.

  3. Logging Site exams: Mike received four plans. The plan of action is for Mike and Ginny to review the plans in the north part of the county this Friday, January 17 and to coordinate with Steve to look at sites around Jefferson, Point of Rocks next week. Mike will contact Steve to set up these inspections.

  4. Neighborhood Green: In an email to Mike, Heather indicated that she will be receiving cost estimates from the contractor soon and will be in contact with Tom to withdrawal some funds from the Treasury. Mike mentioned that the Neighborhood Green committee will be reviewing the planting sites with the contractor on January 28, 29 and plantings are a few short months away. Tom mentioned that the Maryland Forest Service is developing a program similar to Neighborhood Green called Turf to Trees which should be unveiled this spring.

  5. Nature Notes: Ginny mentioned that there are a number of articles in the hopper now. Ginny and Jim are finalizing an article on honey that is derived from local tree species.

  6. Web Site: Tyson mentioned that the site is up to date and he will try to get the buzz out with the honey article. Tyson mentioned that he included a notice on the CREP Training program scheduled at Fox haven Nature Center on Sunday, January 26.

  7. Wood energy program: Vince and Claude described the training and competitions that were conducted to highlight wood as a renewable energy source. After much discussion the Board decided to contact Jonathan Kays this summer to see if he would like to partner on a Wood Energy educational program during the fall. Keith mentioned that he purchased a wood stove this fall and received an $800 tax credit for doing so.

  8. FCC Program: Ginny mentioned that she developed a program for FCC Institute for Retirement Learning entitled “Making a Difference in Your Corner of the World” that will run for four sessions in March. Each session will include an outdoor door exercise with the final installment consisting of planting native trees on campus.

  9. Other Business: Claude mentioned that the Tree Farm Committee is sending a letter to our Legislators asking them to continue with Licensed Professional Foresters being administered by the Board of Licensing in Maryland. This Board is scheduled to sunset in 2015 unless it is extended by Legislature. Executive Board Secretary Becky Wilson sent a memorandum out to Board members asking them to support this initiative as well. As per Claude…”Tree Farm Committee Member Mr. Abend, Dorchester County, Maryland State Tree Farmer of the Year is attending or has attended a Maryland Legislature committee meeting in Annapolis that is discussing the Professional Forester Licensing issue... He is representing hundreds of Tree Farmers in the state and will speak against sunsetting the current law...”