Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

June 9, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Those present: Steve Thrasher, Andy Driscoll, Jim Arnold, Tom Anderson, Tyson Rose, Heather Montgomery, Keith Schoonover, Mike Kay

  1. Call to order: Mike called the meeting to order. (Keith arrived shortly there after and took control of the proceedings.)

  2. Treasurer’s Report: Tom opened an envelope and reported that the Nancy McCartney family sent a donation of $500 for the board. We received $2.26 in interest. Later in the meeting Tom wrote a check to cover the expense of the contractor‘s services in the Neighborhood Green Program. Board members briefly discussed purchasing uniform polo shirts or windbreakers to wear to identify members when we visit logging site’s or engage in trainings, workshops etc. Mike thought that a motorcycle jacket or green blazer might be nice, and get us noticed.

  3. Logging site plans. One plan came in for the meeting, and Mike expects to receive another. We made plans to conduct inspections on Tuesday, June 17 meeting at Gambrill at 8:00 am. Mike did not receive another plan from the logger whose plan was denied due to incompleteness at the last meeting. Mike heard from the landowner who had a number of questions about the process which Mike tried to answer. So far though no new plan has been submitted.

  4. Neighborhood Green: Heather mentioned that the new Neighborhood Green program will be administered in the Upper Monocacy Watershed in areas that might support brook trout populations along with areas along Peter Pan Run in the Lower Monocacy. The new program will offer 80% cost share. There will be expanded practices including the funding of rain barrels, larger diameter planting stock, rain gardens, along with seedling plantations. Heather mentioned that we exceeded the 50 acre goal for Neighborhood Green with plantings totaling 51 acres and Heather and the program were recognized for their efforts at a recent conference.

  5. Nature Notes: Ginny mentioned that we have a small backlog of articles but asks that we submit some real time articles on the stuff that is happening outside right now.

  6. Web Site: Tyson mentioned that the web site is up to date. Tyson thought that an article detailing the timber permit approval process might help some folks applying for logging permits. Mike mentioned that he could send Tyson a generic timber harvest plan. Heather mentioned that she could speak with Rick Masser to determine what the county is looking for in their logging permits.

  7. Tree Farm audit: Claude and Mike participated in the state audit by meeting hosting audits and the Richard Marsh property and Sugarloaf Mountain, where Stronghold, Inc Manager Russ Thompson joined the group. Mike believes that we represented Frederick County well during the audit.

  8. Other Business:

    • Mike mentioned that State Forester Steve Koehn is retiring after an illustrious 30 year career. Members should have received invitations for Steve’s retirement party from Becky Wilson.

    • Heather wanted to let people know that the Frederick County Fly Fishers club is hosting a meeting with fishing legend Lefty Kreh. For more information please see Heather.