Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

November 10, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Those present: Ginny Brace, Tom Anderson, Vince Perrotta, Claude Eans, Steve Thrasher, Heather Montgomery, Keith Schoonover, Mike Kay

We met at Ginny’s House for our November meeting. The meeting room was warm, well lit, and there were sliced apples, pumpkin bread and other assorted goodies waiting for us. Thanks Ginny!

  1. Call to Order: Keith called the meeting to order. (The mood was relaxed.)

  2. Treasurer’s Report: Tom indicated that we received $1.07 in interest. Tom wrote a check for $90.50 to pay for the sign at FCC and $7.97 for the post. Tom will return the remaining funds to MUCFC.

  3. Logging Site exams: Mike mentioned that he received a phone call from a landowner whose site we inspected after receiving a plan from a logging company. The landowner said that they never intended to sell the timber and the logger submitted the plan without their knowledge. After some discussion the Board gave Mike permission to send the Permits Department a letter stating that the Board wishes to rescind their approval of the plan. Mike and Vince will inspect 4 sites on Tuesday, November 18, 2014.

  4. Neighborhood Green: Heather mentioned that much of the work scheduled for this year will be in the Urbana area. Heather indicated that she took a lot of photos of properties and estimates 90% survival for most plantings. Heather also mentioned that Anne Gilbert has been hired by the MD Forest Service to oversee Tree Mendous, MUCFC, and act as the Executive Secretary of the State Association of Forestry Boards. Heather thinks that Anne will breathe new life into these initiatives. Heather spoke a bit about the new initiative Journey through Hallowed Ground which is a tree planting endeavor between SHA and a number of groups.

  5. Nature Notes: Ginny is happy with the backlog but is always looking for more content. Ginny would like to see an article about Norway Maples in Nature Notes. Ginny also suggested that we do an article about the SHA clearing and recent tree planting activities.

  6. Web Site: Tyson emailed Mike saying the site is up to date and Tyson pruned some older articles from the Web Page.

  7. Merit Badge Training: Claude reports that we had 56 Scouts representing 16 troops in attendance, and despite the morning rain the weather was fine the rest of the day. Board members were grateful that the Frederick News Post covered the event but there were some inaccuracies reported in the story. After some discussion Ginny indicated that she would speak with the editor to discuss the reporting. Claude was able to mingle around throughout the day and he was impressed with our programs hearing many compliments from the Scouts, Parents, and officials present. Mike relayed some positive comments made at the State Association meeting by an Allegany County Board regarding this program. This individual thought that the Association should adopt the program. Claude thanked everybody again for their good work.

  8. Other Business:

    • Uniforms: Mike thought that the Board should consider purchasing name tags, caps etc. that they could wear to identify themselves as members of the Frederick County Forestry Board when they are engaged in various educational etc programs. (Perhaps a blue windbreaker with (FBI) Forestry Board Inspector would be nice to wear when doing logging site exams?). After some comments where the FBI idea was uniformly shot down….Heather mentioned that she is looking into purchasing some uniforms for another organization and she can relay the costs to the Board after she receives quotes. Heather has some information on metallic badges but warns that anybody with a pacemaker should not get one.

    • Board members discussed various deer deterrents.

    • Heather announced that she is engaged to be married. Congratulations Heather!