Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

January 12, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Those present: Ginny Brace, Tom Anderson, Steve Thrasher, Andy Driscoll, Claude Eans, Dave Hunter, Jim Arnold, Tyson Rose, Mike Kay

  1. Call to order: Mike called the meeting to order. (Mike is the 3rd string meeting coordinator after Keith and Vince, which in a way is reminiscent of Ohio State who had to press the 3rd string Quarterback into duty to win the National Championship. But I digress a bit.)

  2. Treasury: Tom indicated that we received $1.13 in interest.

  3. Timber Harvest Plans: Mike indicated that he heard from Terry Coblentz who wished to submit a plan. Mike expects to see this plan later this week and he will make an email inquiry to see if anybody wants to join him on the review next week. (Look to see Seattle go from being Legion of Boom to Legion of Gloom after Packers pay visit. Okay I promise I won’t reference football anymore.)

  4. Office of Sustainability: Tom mentioned that Jan Gardner attended the latest meeting of the Sustainability Committee to see what they were up to. County Executive Gardner appointed County Council member Jerry Donald to attend future meetings of the Sustainability Commission. Tom also mentioned that the Sustainability Commission is submitting a number of grants for projects such as, incentives to have septic system cleaned, clean energy, Neighborhood Green, and some educational programs.

  5. Emerald Ash Borer program: Mike mentioned that the agenda is set and speakers have been identified for the program. Now, all that is left is to publicize this event. Dave Hunter indicated that he inquired whether the building at Fox haven Learning Center would be available for this event and it is. Mike mentioned that he has been there and the room is much more spacious than the room at the Extension Building. Fox haven Learning Center is just outside Jefferson on Poffenberger Road. Having more room may be important if there is a significant response to this program. Members discussed whether or not it would be worthwhile to take Fox haven up on their offer to host the meeting. After much discussion a motion was made to look into Fox haven Learning Center for the location of this program. Some items that need to be addressed include, whether it is permissible to institute the $10 charge for this program, who would be responsible for the registration? Dave said he would look into these items and report back. As soon as we identify the venue we will begin advertising for this program.

  6. Scout Merit Badge: Claude has been in touch with Melissa about the possibility of conducting a Forestry Merit Badge Program in 2015. Melissa asked Claude if the Board could hold this training as part of the William T. Hornaday Awards training program that is scheduled on October 26, 2015 at the shed. After some discussion a motion was made to support the Hornaday program by participating with our program on the 26th. The motion was seconded and approved by those in attendance. We will make plans to do our Forestry Merit Badge training on October 26, 2015.

  7. Chainsaw Safety Course: Tyson received an inquiry on the website from a women who asked whether or not the Board ever delivers chainsaw safety courses. After much discussion whether or not we should attempt to put something like this together the consensus seemed to be that there are professionals that would do a better job with the training, have the proper safety equipment, and be covered for liability. As such, Tyson said that he would suggest that the individual look into trainings held at chainsaw distributors.

  8. Uniforms: Tom ordered some nametags and patches off of eBay to show to the Board but they had not arrived in time for the meeting. Tom thinks that we can purchase these items at a fairly low cost then sew them onto caps or other items of clothing. Ginny mentioned that she liked the idea of having a vest or something that can be worn over clothing so as to identify members when we have programs or are out in the field. Tom will bring the samples to the February meeting.

  9. Nature Notes: Ginny is happy with the volume of articles that have been generated or that are in the process of being written. Ginny received an eagle article from an expert from the US Fish and Wildlife Service and is waiting for more information regarding State Highway tree plantings. Jim suggested that we consider publishing a book of Nature Notes articles that we can sell at our various events to help fund the Treasury.

  10. Web Site: Tyson said that the site is up to date and that he already mentioned the chainsaw safety program that a reader inquired about. Tyson also mentioned that the Board should consider making a broad community outreach about possible programming we could provide listing some of our previous offerings (Forestry 101, Merit Badge Training, NRCC, MD Big Tree Program etc.) then ask for feedback. Tyson suggests that we discuss this at the next meeting.

  11. New Business: It was mentioned that January is the international month of soil.