Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

April 13, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Those Present: Steve Thrasher, Tom Anderson, Jim Arnold, Claude Eans, Vince Perrotta, Tyson Rose, Keith Schoonover, Mike Kay

  1. Call to order: Keith was running late so Vince called the meeting to order and presided over the meeting as Vice Chair.

  2. Membership: a) Vince distributed reappointment forms to Claude, Steve, Tom, Jim, and Tyson. b) Mel Award: Steve Thrasher received the inaugural Mel Noland Award for the Frederick Forestry Board. Tom presented the award to Steve since it was Tom who nominated him. Mel Awards are given to Board members who made significant accomplishments to the Boards. Tom explained how Steve has opened his property for numerous Forestry and Tree Farm programs, his role in assisting with logging site exams, Forestry Merit Badge training and numerous other activities. We took a photo with Steve and his award and it is now posted on the website. There was a main Mel Award that was presented to Connie Hoge of the Carroll County Forestry Board for all that she has done for NRCC Camp and numerous other activities at the state and county level. The State Association plans on sending out nomination forms to every member in November. Mike encourages members to nominate other members for Mel Awards. Congratulations Steve!

  3. Treasurer’s Report: Tom mentioned that the Board received a MUCFC Grant for $521 for the EAB treatment in Waterford Park. We received $310 for the EAB workshop and reimbursed Mike $144.55 for the refreshments that he purchased. Tom also reimbursed Ginny $27.93 for the vests that she bought. Tom also purchased patches for $51.87. (Tom displayed the patches and most thought that they would look good on a hat.) Finally, we received $.38 in interest in the account.

  4. Logging site exams: No plans were submitted, however Keith mentioned that he might submit a plan soon.

  5. Winter State Association meeting: Mike sent copies of the notes he took via email.

  6. Office of Sustainability: Tom presented a program on stream buffers at the last meeting. Mike’s article on stream detritus was posted on the Monocacy – Catoctin Watershed Alliance web site.

  7. EAB Program: Everybody thought the program went well and Mike mentioned that 48 people had signed in so it was a very good turnout. Everybody thought that the speakers did a good job and relayed a lot of interesting and useful information. We received a lot of compliments from attendees. We also thought that the Fox Haven facility was very good and thank Fox Haven for providing this facility for our use. (Mike mentioned that the crowd of 48 people would have been too much for the Extension Building.) All in all we feel like this was one of our better productions! A similar program is being planned in Howard County.

  8. Merit Badge Program: Claude indicated that we have all of our speaker slots occupied although Vince may not be able to spend the entire day there given his new employment situation. Claude asked us to think of someone we could recruit to fill in for Vince with tree identification. (Mike mentioned that Aaron Cook may be bringing members of the Washington Board with him. If this is the case perhaps one of them could fill in for Vince if necessary.) Claude also spoke to Ron Lehman about helping to ensure that all of the facilities are available to us to reduce the chance that there will be a conflict as was the case last year. Perhaps Trout’s chicken for lunch?

  9. Key Parkway Cleanup: Jim, Claude, Andy, (Vince?) and Steve plan to meet at Home Depot by 9:00 am to assist with this project. Mike will stop by later, after he assists Aaron set up for his big tree planting project in Hagerstown. Vince said that there is a good chicken dinner to be had at Sardees which is near Home Depot. (Sardees for lunch?)

  10. Uniforms: We will have to touch base with Ginny to see about the vests, Tom has the patches.

  11. Nature Notes: There is a backlog and real time nature articles should be starting up now that spring is upon us. Jim suggested that we do something on phosphorescent algae.

  12. Web site: Tyson mentioned that the site is up to date and he will post Steve’s photo on it soon. Tyson also relayed an inquiry he received from an individual who wanted to purchase some unseasoned firewood. After some discussion it was suggested that Tyson send the gentleman a link for the Forest Products Operator lists along with suggesting that her check the News Post classifieds from time to time since they sometimes list cut your own, or green firewood for sale.

  13. New Business:

  • Tom mentioned that he obtained 50 chestnuts from Glen Farencheck which he plans to plant on his property. Tom also collected 50 used, six foot shelters from Gambrill and now needs 50 stakes.

  • NRCC Camp: Mike was notified that we have received one application for NRCC camp off the internet from a student whose grandfather works for Bartlett Tree Company. Heather also mentioned to Mike that she spoke to a woman whose son is interested in camp. This woman asked about the expenses and said that money was tight in the family. Mike suggested that they apply anyway and perhaps the board can pay the activity fee. Mike will look into these applications and it might be necessary for a committee to interview prospective students prior to the May meeting.