Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

September 14, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Those Present: Tom Anderson, Claude Eans, Keith Schoonover, Lori Schoonover, Ginny Brace, Tyson Rose, Vince Perrotta, Steve Thrasher, Andy Driscoll, Heather Montgomery, Dave Lange, Sylvia Carignan, Mike Kay

  1. Call to order: Keith called the meeting to order. There was a round of introductions. Dave Lange the present Vice Chair of the Sustainability Commission attended at Tom’s invitation. Sylvia Carignan with the Frederick News Post was here to do a story about the Board. Lori Schoonover was present to discuss the Nature Notes column since she has taken over the editorial responsibilities for the Board.

  2. Treasurer’s Report: We received $.67 interest for a two month period. Tom paid a $423 invoice from Bartlett Tree Experts for the treatment of ash trees in Waterford Park for emerald ash borer.

  3. Logging site exams: One plan was submitted on Loy Wolfe Road. Claude and Mike will visit this property on Wednesday, September 16.

  4. Big Tree Measuring Program: Steve, Claude, Mike, and (the young intern whose name escapes me now) measured six trees for the Big Tree Program. It was very hot that day until the thunderstorms came through and cooled everything off. We had just finished measuring the final tree in Thurmont when the storms hit which was good timing on our part. Riding in the golf cart was one of the highlights of the day. We took a lot of photos and sent the pertinent information to John Bennett for inclusion on the registry. Tyson mentioned that he has not posted any of the photos on the web site as he is waiting for the property owners to give their consent. Mike will contact the owners and see if they are willing to do so.

  5. Office of Sustainability: David Lange spoke about the upcoming Sustainability Program that is being planned for October 16, 2015 at Frederick Community College. This program is being held as part of the Institute of Learning in Retirement (ILR). Jan Gardner will be the Keynote Speaker at the event. There will be a $49 fee for this program that covers lunch and various handouts. David distributed the fall FCC course guide which had a description of the class on page 16. Tom will be delivering a presentation at this event. David mentioned that some of the goals of the commission are to educate the public of what sustainability means and how they can incorporate steps in their everyday life to be more sustainable. Dave also noted that the commission also wishes to foster cooperation amongst the various age demographics to link all the generations’ together and foster communication and cooperation.

  6. Invasive Species Program: Mike described the impetus for this program and we discussed some of the topics that should be covered as well as the potential speakers. Heather mentioned that the program should cover the resources available to assist landowners with the detection of invasives, cost incentive programs, and assistance with control. After some discussion it was suggested that we delay this program until late winter in order to better plan for the program and catch folks when their interest in the outdoors begins to increase again. Heather mentioned that she will check the Thurmont library’s schedule to see when we can get a room during the week in March, 2016.

  7. Scout Merit Badge: Claude explained the impetus for the development of this program and how Forestry Board members have partnered with the local Boy Scouts to develop a curriculum, and hold a one day training at the Walkersville Watershed during the fall of the year. Due to various schedule conflicts the 2015 edition of this training has been cancelled. Tyson and Claude mentioned however, that some local Cub Scout officials sent Tyson an email requesting that they be included in any training that might be developed. The Cub Scouts range in age from 6 – 10 years of age. We discussed how to integrate both the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts together. Following some discussion Claude volunteered to contact the Cub Scouts to see if they have requirements for a Forestry Merit Badge, what kind of training they are looking for so that we can further discuss this program.

  8. Nature Notes: Lori mentioned that she really enjoys editing the column for the board saying she is learning a lot about nature by doing this. Lori asked members if they approve of her editing and if we have any suggestions about how she can improve her work. We all are very happy with her work and could not suggest any improvements. We are getting low on articles and need to supply more. Thank goodness we still have the Pando Colony article!

  9. Web site: Tyson mentioned that the site is up to date.

  10. New Business:

  • Keith requested that the Big Tree measuring group look at his large oak tree.

  • Ginny complimented the News Post of their recent article about local butterfly populations.

  • Heather mentioned that she and Ginny are involved in a very interesting tree training being taught by Jenny Willoughby with the City of Frederick. On this particular evening the program was held at Waterford Park.

  • Mike relayed a recent meeting he attended with the City of Frederick Watershed Trail committee. A large part of this meeting had to do with the booby traps that have recently been found on the watershed. What is most disturbing is that these traps were place where joggers and people walking dogs frequent.

  • Fall Meeting: The Fall State Association meeting has been scheduled for Saturday, November 7, 2015 at the Anne Arundel Community Colle. (Near Bass Pro Shop)