Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

January 11, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Those Present: Ginny Brace, Steve Thrasher, Tom Anderson, Keith Schoonover, Lori Schoonover, Jim Arnold, Vince Perrotta Tyson Rose, Al Goetzl, Mike Kay

  1. Keith called the meeting to order.

  2. Membership: Mr. Al Goetzl introduced himself to the Board. Al is a landowner living near Adamstown. Al has a Stewardship Plan and is a member of the Tree Farm Program. Al has a degree in Forestry and is a member of Maryland’s Forestry Sustainability Council. Al attended the meeting to meet members, see what the Board has been doing, and talk to Board members about some forestry and land use issues that the Council has been discussing.

  3. Treasurer’s report: Tom mentioned that we received $.32 interest for the month and $4.01 for the year. Tom wrote a $25.67 check to the Friends of Waterford Park for reimbursement for excess grant funds returned to MUCFC. Tom mentioned that this should be the closeout for the grant that the Board and Friends group obtained for controlling emerald ash borer in the park.

  4. Logging site exams: Mike mentioned that no plans were received in time for the meeting. Mike overviewed the submission of timber harvest plans in Resource Conservation Zones to Al.

  5. Office of Sustainability: Tom mentioned that the office will be hiring an intern to assist with various activities. The loss of Heather and Jeff Feaga in this office creates a void with personnel who work with environmental activities such as tree planting.

  6. Big Tree Program: Steve, Claude and Mike met at Ginny’s house on January 5 to begin the latest round of Big Tree measuring in the Middletown / Myersville areas. Despite the frigid weather the intrepid measuring crew began their work on time. It was a bit tricky finding the first tree near Gambrill State Park but the delicious cookies that Mrs. Brown gave us in Myersville made up for it. Steve knew Mrs. Brown’s daughter which brings to mind a catchy Herman Hermits song circa 1965. We finished the measuring in time to convene at Mtn. View Diner to warm up. Mike thinks that the walnut and saucer magnolia may be large enough to make the State or County list. Back to the meeting… We divvied up the remaining Nomination forms with Jim receiving forms for Thurmont and Emmitsburg while Mike received the forms for Yellow Springs and Urbana. The plan is for Jim, Andy, and Keith to measure trees; and, Mike, Steve and Claude to measure the others. Mike will ask Hailu to measure the lone Mt. Airy tree since Hailu knows the landowner.

  7. Invasive Species Program: Heather was able to reserve the meeting room at the Thurmont Library for the afternoon/evening of Thursday, March, 15, 2016. Ginny contacted Master Gardner’s and Master Naturalists to see if they would help promote the program to their members and they were happy to do so. Ginny also talked to Tim Pry about obtaining a mailing list and Tim said that he does not maintain one suggesting that we contact Extension. Mike indicated that we have some locals to the Thurmont, Sabillasville area interested in this workshop and perhaps they can network with neighbors to get the word out. Mike “needs” to put together an agenda and announcement as soon as possible. Jim will assist Mike with the design of the flier. Tom suggested that we ask Sylvia Carignan with the News Post to do an announcement and attend the workshop as well. We can also do a Nature Notes article on invasives to promote the workshop. Mike said that he will do what is necessary to obtain continuing credits for Foresters, Arborists, and Certified Pesticide applicators. Having this available should boost attendance.

  8. Nature Notes: Lori mentioned that she has been receiving some articles and is earmarking her Monday’s to review these articles and send them to the paper. We discussed doing an article on the early bud development and flowering in various trees due to the unseasonably warm weather we have been receiving; and how this may impact flowering and fruit development next year. After some discussion Tom mentioned that he would talk to Bob Black to get an orchardist perspective and we would use previous articles on breaking dormancy to develop an article.

  9. Web Site: Tyson said the site is up to date and asked Mike and Jim to add a link to the website in the informational Invasives Control workshop flier we are developing. Tyson also mentioned that the printed and online versions of Nature Notes published by the Frederick News Post were temporarily out of sync with our weekly Forestry Board Web site Nature Notes postings. But by including two Nature Notes articles in their last Sunday (1/11) edition they are once again synchronous with us.

  10. New business:

  • Ginny mentioned that she spoke to the County Department of Corrections about getting inmate assistance at Waterford and the Department said they would be happy to send crews to assist with weed control.

  • Vince mentioned that the Extension Service is hosting a Webinar on heating with wood and pellets designed for the homeowner.

  • Mike mentioned that we have hired a Contractual Forester assigned to Washington County and he will assist Aaron Cook with various duties in the county. This greatly aids the work we can do in Washington County.

  • Al thanked the Board for inviting him to the meeting and spent some time getting Board members feedback on some issues impact the Sustainability Council such as how to we help maintain 40% forest cover in the state, how do we increase the Forest Service budget, How do we help ensure the continued funding of the Woodland Incentives cost share program, how do we promote the Tree Farm program in Maryland?