Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

February 15, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Those Present: Ginny Brace, Steve Thrasher, Claude Eans, Tom Anderson, Keith Schoonover, Lori Schoonover, Andy Driscoll, Jim Arnold, Vince Perrotta Tyson Rose, Dave Hunter, Mike Kay

  1. Keith called the meeting to order. This business meeting was planned to incorporate our February meeting which was snowed out and our March business meeting. The invasive species workshop that we have planned for Tuesday, March 15 will be our March meeting.

  2. Membership: Mike indicated that Ginny mentioned to him a few months ago that she plans to downsize her extracurricular activities; and, as such will be leaving the Board following the March meeting. We have planned a dinner get together for our April 11, 2016 which Ginny will attend. This meeting will be held at the Golden Corral in Frederick.

  3. Treasurer’s report: Tom mentioned that we received $.29 interest for the month. Ginny indicated that the Friends of Waterford Park was awarded a $750 grant from MUCFC that should be deposited in the Treasury. Tom indicated that he will deposit the check and administer the funds from the Treasury.

  4. Logging site exams: Mike mentioned that he received one plan in time for the meeting. Mike suggested that we wait a week or so to see if more plans are submitted by applicants that are used to our normal meeting schedule, then we can schedule field visits via email.

  5. Winter meeting: Tom, Claude and Mike will attend the winter meeting this coming Saturday. We will meet at the Route 75 Park and Ride at 7:30 am. Mike will submit a RSVP to Anne Bradley to make sure she has enough coffee and bagels for us when we get there. Coffee and bagels sure go good together especially on a Saturday morning.

  6. Big Tree Program: Andy, Jim, and Keith met on Saturday February 20 to measure trees in Wolfsville, Thurmont, and Emmitsburg. Andy subsequently measured another tree in Frederick. This leaves two final trees to be measured as per the initial onslaught of requests that we received from the previous newspaper article. Mike will measure the tree in Mount Airy and Andy will measure the tree at the Villages of Urbana. After some discussion Mike suggested that Andy and Jim submit their measurement data and photos directly to John Bennett.

  7. Invasive Species Program: Tyson indicated that we have 28 people signed up for the program at present. There have been two notices in the Frederick News Post about the program and news of the program was distributed to Master Gardner’s and Master Naturalists. Mike and Tyson indicated that the local chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture will post a notice of this program on their website which might increase registration with licensed arborists. Tom will touch base with the News Post to see if they will be sending a reporter to cover this program. Mike will purchase some refreshments for this program similar to the tasteful fare that was provided during last year’s eab workshop. Mike will also bring a lap top and projector for the speakers. The library will provide the sound system and screen. The program begins promptly at 6:00 pm and Mike requested that members arrive a bit early to assist with set up and registration. It will be extremely important to assist with clean up after the program based on the strict closing time of 8:00 pm. Ginny mentioned that most of the people who registered have a Frederick City address and noted that the Board should be searching for more centrally located meeting areas in the future.

  8. Nature Notes: Lori indicated that she received an article about insects from Mike that will be a four part series. Mike is just about finished with the second installment. Looking at the backlog it was mentioned that Tom’s article on plants breaking bud early is fairly time sensitive now that late winter is upon us. Lori will contact the paper to suggest that they run this article soon.

  9. Web Site: Tyson said the site is up to date and the registration form for the upcoming workshop is working well.

  10. New business:

  • Ginny distributed a flier from a program that she attended in Carroll County recently that had 50 people in attendance. Ginny suggested that we talk to the Carroll Board to learn how they are able to draw so many.

  • Mike mentioned that an interesting program on firewood is being offered by the University of MD Extension Department and said that he would forward the announcement to members.

  • Dave suggested that we look into the role trees and vegetation play in mitigating storm water runoff for a possible workshop. Mike said that this is one of the main focus points of Shannon Moore and members of Frederick County Office of Sustainability and; as such, they might want to partner with us on such a program.

  • Ginny mentioned that she has learned a lot and had has many fond memories being a Forestry Board member the last 10 years. She said she will continue to work with the Friends of Waterford Park group and certainly anticipates working with the Forestry Board and its members on many environmental projects. We all thanked Ginny for her friendship, service to the Board, and allowing us to meet at her home during the winter months.