Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

February 13, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Those Present: Tom Anderson, Steve Thrasher, Lori Schoonover, Keith Schoonover, Claude Eans, Tyson Rose, Jim Arnold, Dawne Howard, Dave Hunter Mike Kay

  1. Keith called the meeting to order.

  2. Treasurer’s report: Claude indicated that we received $.33 in interest. Claude also wrote a $39.61 check to Mike Kay for January refreshments.

  3. Logging site exams: Mike received 4 plans in the western part of the county. Mike suggested that we schedule site visits for next week. Mike will touch base next week via email/phone.

  4. Statewide Meeting: The meeting is set for Saturday March 4, 2017. Mike and Dawne will be going and Tom and Claude said they might go as well.

  5. Sustainability Commission: Tom indicated that the Monocacy River Watershed committee briefed the Sustainability Commission about their initiative which basically recommends the establishment of forest around the river. There is a lot of controversy regarding some of the wording in this plan some believing that it could entail a taking of private land. Following the public input portion of the draft plan the wording of certain sections was changed so as to stress the voluntary nature of these recommendations. Tom also mentioned that Legislative Updates are now being sent to the Commission.

  6. Funding for National Envirothon Program: Mike relayed the Statewide Executive Committee’s request for $850 donations to help fund the National Envirothon competition at Mount St. Mary’s College and Seminary this summer. After some discussion a motion was made to donate $500 to the program. The motion was seconded and passed by those present. Mike will find out who to send the funds to and Claude will mail the check.

  7. Funding for Board: During the discussion for #5 it was mentioned that the Frederick Board no longer receives funding from Frederick County so their Treasury Balance is dwindling. And, if we wish to continue funding NRCC students, holding trainings, etc. we will need to investigate renewed sources of funding. At one point in time Frederick County provided the Board with $2,000 per year funding for conducting the logging site exams in County zoned Resource Conservation areas. An idea that was raised at the meeting was, “Perhaps we should investigate charging a nominal fee for logging site exams say $50 per visit?” After a long discussion this item was tabled until the next meeting. However, Mike will contact Forest Service Staff to see if there is any conflicts with the Board imposing a charge for these exams. We should also touch base with Frederick County and get their input.

  8. High School Training: Dawne phoned two of her high school instructor contacts to see if there is any interest in attending a Forestry Field day training on the Walkersville Watershed to help prepare for FFA Forestry Competition and Envirothon. The teachers responded and said that there was interest and we should schedule a Saturday and get back to them. With this in mind it would be good to determine the date of the Frederick County competition so we can plan around that. Mike will speak to Barry Burch about this training and determine the date. Once we know this date Claude will check with the Scouts to see when we can utilize the watershed property for the training.

  9. Pesticide recertification training: Mike explained that the Washington – Frederick project has developed a training program scheduled for Wednesday, May 10, 2017 that allows Public Agency pesticide applicators to receive their yearly allotment of 8 continuing education credits. For the first time we are charging $10 for this program. Mike asked the Board if they would assist by serving as the banker for this program i.e. deposit checks into Treasury and pay the caterer. A motion was made to serve as the banker for this program that was seconded and passed by those present.

  10. Nature Notes: Lori indicated that she received numerous articles and now has a fairly large backlog. Dawne has just written her March installment of what is happening this month. Dawne will send this to Mike then submit it to Lori. Claude is writing an article about Winter Jasmine.

  11. Web Site: Tyson mentioned that the Web Site is up to date. When asked Tyson agreed to continue as Acting Webmaster.