Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

October 9, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Those Present: Steve Thrasher, Tom Anderson, Dave Barrow, Tyson Rose, Jim Arnold, Keith Schoonover, Lori Schoonover, Vince Perrotta, Mike Kay

  1. Vince called the meeting to order. (Keith and Lori arrived soon thereafter.)

  2. Treasurer’s Report: Mike relayed the report Claude sent him via email. Claude deposited the $650 check from Frederick County into the Treasury and wrote a $100 check to help fund the Middletown FFA team during their travels to the National Competition. We received $.23 interest in September.

  3. Logging site exams: Mike did not receive any plans for October.

  4. Landowner Easement Educational program: Following our discussion with Ms. Barry Salisbury last month we discussed the possibility of hosting an educational program on the various easement programs available to landowner’s. The thought was we could invite each group to send a representative to provide a brief talk on their program and field questions from the audience. We could also provide some time for one on one interactions. Tonight we discussed this program in greater detail. Some of the points covered included where we could hold the program, Fox Haven came to mind, who we could invite, should there be a charge for the program, when should we hold the program. Finally we discussed the possibility of apply for a grant through the Harry R. Hughes Center for Agro-Ecology to fund the program. Mike volunteered to fill out the application and see if Claude would be able to submit input. The application should be made by the Board not the MD Forest Service. Tom made a motion to allow Mike and Claude to submit an application for the Harry R. Hughes Center for Agro Ecology grant to fund this program. The motion was seconded and members passed the motion when it came time to vote. A thought Mike had driving to work (early) Tuesday morning was to push the program back to May instead of March. Doing this would give us time to see whether or not our grant proposal was accepted (decisions made in February, 2018) and there will be less chance of foul weather in May.

  5. Sustainability Commission: Tom mentioned that Hood College is once again hosting the Green Neighbor forum at Culler Lake in Frederick. No date has yet to be set for this event but Tom anticipates that it will be sometime in May.

  6. National FFA Training/Competition: Mike set up a training date for Monday, October 16, 2017 at 3:30 pm. We plan to meet at Gambrill then travel out to the Frederick City Watershed to inspect the site of a 2016 controlled burn. We will discuss the pros and cons of this practice to prepare the Middletown team for their group discussion as part of the National Competition. We will also do some tree identification and practice with mensuration equipment. Please plan to meet at the Gambrill Park office at 3:30 pm if you wish to participate.

  7. Nature Notes: Lori mentioned that she still has a pretty good backlog of articles and she has enjoyed working with Sue Gwynn on the column.

  8. November 4, 2017: We discussed the Thurmont tree planting and the Fall Association meeting. Members said they were more inclined to attend the Thurmont Tree planting.

  9. Web Site: Tyson mentioned that the Web Site is up to date.

  10. New Business:

  • Hailu: Hailu’s retirement luncheon will be on Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at Brewer’s Alley conference room. Mike can send you an application if you would like to attend.

  • Meeting location: We are now entering the time period when meetings will be held at the Gambrill Office as the Tea Room is not available from November – April. Mike will reserve the Tea Room from May – October in 2018.