2018-02 February meeting minutes

Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

February 12, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Those Present: Dawne Howard, Tom Anderson, Steve Thrasher Claude Eans, Jim Arnold, Dave Hunter, Vince Perrotta, Dave Barrow, Tyson Rose, Mike Kay

  1. Vince called the meeting to order. We all wish to best for the Schoonover family and our thoughts and prayers go out to them.

  2. Dave: We were happy to see Dave Barrow back in action at the meeting.

  3. Treasurer’s Report: Claude mentioned we received $.31 interest this month. Mike mentioned that the Pesticide Refresher committee may be looking to see if the Board would be able to act as the banker using PayPal for the upcoming training. After some brief discussion, a motion was made to provide banking services by setting up PayPal account and accepting funds from the Pesticide Refresher Course.

  4. Logging site exams: Mike and Claude made tentative plans to conduct the logging site exams. Mike will meet Claude at his home and we will stop by the Walkersville Watershed to map out the Merit Badge training course.

  5. Winter Meeting: The Statewide Winter Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 3, 2018. More information will be forthcoming. In all likelihood Mike will be attending and he can shuttle some members down there with him.

  6. NRCC talk at Middletown High: Middletown High teacher, Sharon Steger emailed Mike to see if he or Forestry Board members would like to visit her classes to promote NRCC. Mike asked Dawn and Claude if they would like to help since they visited the camp a few years ago. After some discussion it was decided that each person would visit one of three classes to promote the program. We will see if we can enlist a Middletown High NRCC veteran to assist. We will try to set this up for Mid-March and try to visit on a Thursday or Friday.

  7. Scout training program: The date for this program is Saturday, May 12, 2018. Claude mentioned that 5 scouts have already signed up for the program. We have staffing for all 5 of the stations. Dave Hunter can help Mike at the Forest Mensuration stop if he would like to do so. Mike and Claude will visit the site to draw a map of station locations to provide the Scouts. We should consider having our April meeting at the Walkersville Watershed for last minute preparations. Claude mentioned that the Scouts asked if they could obtain 100 – 150 evergreens to plant a buffer along the border of the Watershed property.

  8. Green Fest: Dave Barrow and the events coordinator made plans to hand out 200 trees and shrubs to visitors at the Green Fest program. Dave mentioned that it would be nice to have two varieties that most people recognize such as oak and dogwood for handouts. Oaks going to sites that have plenty of room and dogwoods going to where space is limited. Dave asked the Board to consider purchasing 100 red oak and 100 grey dogwood for this event. A suggestion was made to include the 100 – 150 evergreens that Claude would like to provide the Scouts as well. After some discussion a Motion was made to fund the purchase of 100 red oak, 100 grey dogwood, and 150 evergreens from the Treasury not to exceed $200. The motion was seconded and passed by those present although there were some votes against purchasing trees for these causes vs. obtaining leftover trees from tree plantings. Dave and Claude will order the trees and ask them to be shipped by state truck to Gambrill State Park.

  9. Sustainability Commission: Tom submitted his comments on the proposed changes to FRO that were endorsed by the Board at the December meeting. Tom mentioned that there are further proposed changed to the Ordinance and a public hearing will be scheduled for comments. Tom mentioned that nearly 246 acres of woodland are lost annually in Frederick County to development.

  10. Nature Notes: We were unable to submit a Nature Notes column in time for the Sunday, February 11, 2018 edition. After hearing from Sue, Mike sent her two articles that he had completed and soon thereafter Lori sent two articles to Sue as well. Dawne mentioned that she completed her February, plant tips column and needed to submit them. Not knowing when Lori will return the decision was made to email the column to Sue on Tuesday. (This has been completed.)

  11. Web Site: Tyson mentioned that the site is up to date. Dave Barrow formally volunteered to take over the responsibilities as webmaster once Tyson is ready to do so. Tyson and Dave will work together to see that the transition goes smoothly.

  12. New Business: Dawne mentioned that she was approached by an acquaintance who was concerned about what looked like lot clearing at the Walkersville Watershed. A suggestion was made to refer this woman to Walkersville Town Hall because they probably know the reason behind the clearing operation.