Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

July 8, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Those Present: Tom Anderson, Dawne Howard, Claude Eans, Dave Barrow, Dave Hunter, Keith Schoonover, Lori Schoonover, Vince Perrotta, Bruce Phillips, Drake Russell, Mike Kay

  1. Call to order: Keith called the meeting to order.

  2. Membership: Keith mentioned that he received an email from Jim Arnold tendering his resignation from the Forestry Board. Everybody was sad to hear this and after much discussion a motion was made to reach out to Jim to see if he would like to attend a dinner meeting in his honor; or invite him to attend the December meeting with all its festivities. Mike will coordinate this invitation.

  3. Treasurer’s Report: Claude mentioned that he has not received the bank statement yet so our balance remains unchanged. Claude received a direct deposit application from Frederick County so that our usual $650 stipend can be deposited directly into the Treasury. Mike mentioned that he will submit the necessary request for these funds ASAP. Tom mentioned that he intends to talk to Frederick County officials to ascertain the process necessary to submit a funding increase application. After much discussion the Board decided to seek reinstatement of our original $2,000 funding.

  4. Logging site exams: We received one plan from Brian Blickenstaff for a logging operation he intends to conduct on his property. Mike will send out an email to see if someone can join him on this review this coming Thursday. (7-11-19.)

  5. Big Tree Measuring: Claude and Bethany measured Don Cline’s silver maple which became the 2nd largest silver maple in Frederick County. The tree measurers also measured a pendant Linden tree which is a Frederick County champion. Claude and Bethany also traveled to Middletown to measure a large white oak but the tree was completely covered with poison ivy so they did not measure. Finally, Claude and Bethany went to Catoctin Creek Nature Center to measure a large hackberry which ended up being the 2nd largest in the county. Our late, buddy Steve Thrasher’s hackberry remains the County Champion. Claude mentioned that the group intends to wait for the fall to resume tree measuring. Bruce asked if he could be included once tree measuring resumes.

  6. Downtown Tree Walk: Bethany reported via email that her Tree Walk is partially complete online now. Bethany planned to make the July meeting but she was dealing with a flooded house at the time of the meeting.

  7. Workshop: Mike indicated that we reserved the Milking Parlor building at Fox Haven again for the program set for Friday, November 8, 2019. We have our 3 speakers lined up now Ben Pagac (Ticks), Dr. Hope McIntyre (Lyme’s Disease, west Nile etc.) Nature Rx: Staff Member (Health benefits of being outdoors). Once Mike gets some information from Dave Hunter he will send this to Aaron Cook so that Aaron and the Washington Board can develop an agenda, flier, and submit for continuing credits. Once this is complete we can begin promoting the program. Dawne mentioned that she will contact Extension Agent Kelly Nicholson to help promote the program. Other promotional avenues include the Frederick News Post, DNR, Nature Notes, Web Site, etc. Dave Barrow asked that we submit a funding proposal that he can bring to the Tree Farm committee. Mike will do this.

  8. Logging Permit Meeting: Dave mentioned that as a result of our meeting with Frederick County he has included some information on the Web Site for logging plans, tweaking the memorandum that John Blake put together years ago. Dave also added links to access the USGS and Frederick County GIS programs for the purpose of finding your property and preparing site maps. Additionally Dave included a sample logging site plan for consideration. A future endeavor that Dave embarked on is a fillable PDF whereby an applicant can add certain information and print out a professional logging site plan.

  9. Sustainability Commission: Tom was out of town and could not make the June meeting. Tom intends to attend the July meeting. (This sounds like Tom will be walking into a going away party for him by the commission.) Tom mentioned that he was proud to serve on the commission and they are doing good work with tree planting, recycling, and making homes more energy efficient.

  10. Nature Notes: Lori mentioned she sent Sue 3 articles recently and has some in reserve.

  11. Web site: Dave illustrated a Forestry Board group photo taken about 10 years ago. Dave mentioned that he would like to take a new photo at the September meeting. (Mike was wondering if Dave could Photoshop our old images in this new photo since he looks much younger back then.)

  12. New Business:

    • Bruce was wondering if we could put together a Forestry Board pamphlet that would be available for various functions. After much discussion it was decided that members should look for interesting photos of our board in action and submit them to Dave with captions for the Web Site. Perhaps we can compile this into a trifold digital brochure that we can access and print copies of when necessary? A motion was made to develop this pamphlet which was seconded and passed by those present.

    • Dave mentioned that Thurmont is changing the focus of their 2020 Green Fest and they won’t be giving away trees next year. We may be losing Thurmont but we are picking up Middletown as a Green Fest partner.

    • Dave mentioned that Potomac Edison is running a program where they will visit individual homes and provide free energy saving materials such as light bulbs, shower heads etc. As part of this program PE will send a $25 check to the participant’s community service organization of choice. Therefore if a Board member signs up for this service they will receive these upgrades and the Board will receive $25.

    • Dave also mentioned that he is participating in a program at Frederick City Library on October 23, 2019 that will overview water quality issues and how trees can help maintain water quality.