Frederick County

Forest Conservancy District Board

December 9, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Those Present: Tom Anderson, Dawne Howard, Claude Eans, Dave Barrow, Keith Schoonover, Lori Schoonover, Bruce Phillips, Vince Perrotta, Bethany Dellagnello, Ginny Brace, Mike Kay

As has been our tradition for the last 3 years we met at Vince’s home for our annual dinner meeting. Following the dinner (Which was very good indeed.) we had a brief meeting.

  1. Call to order: Keith called the meeting to order.

  2. Treasurer’s Report: As per Claude’s email following the meeting: We collected $.19 in interest. Claude also noted that the checks cleared for the tree tags and the brochure printing.

  3. Logging site exams: No plans were received in time for the meeting.

  4. Downtown Tree Walk: Bethany mentioned that she is waiting for delivery of the tree tags. Bethany and Dave Barrow collaborated to utilize the web page for the Tree Walk. Dave has been able to create a very interactive web based program for the tree walk. Visitors can utilize the webpage to find the trees, receive directions from one tree to the next, and obtain content on the trees. There is also QR codes that can be accessed using a smartphone etc.

  5. Nature Notes: Lori mentioned that we now have a nice backlog and we have sent 8 articles to the News Post with more in reserve.

  6. Web site: Dave mentioned the site is up to date. Dave also said that he was able to do everything that needs to be done using free Google software so he does not need the funds that had been appropriated to him for the website.

  7. Big Tree Program: Various members measured a large catalpa tree last month that was not large enough to garner an official listing.

  8. New Business:

    • Dave mentioned that one of the NRCC student’s mother (Alex Demiray) is a marketing specialist. Ms. Demiray said she is going to the January meeting to meet board members and she is going to relay methods the Board can utilize to help with name recognition and general marketing of the Board.

    • Tom relayed his ongoing efforts to receive increased funding for the Forestry Board in Frederick County’s 2021 budget. Tom said he spoke with the Budget Supervisor and she suggested that the Board meet with Budget officials in January when they begin working on the new budget. Tom said he and Claude plan to do this.