Grackles vs. stink bugs

We are being advised to avoid strong chemicals to control the Asian stink bug since no chemicals controls are currently proven effective, but Mother Nature may be providing a solution.

Mike Kay, Maryland forester at Gambrill State Park, recently witnessed a large flock of grackles visiting Gambrill to hunt for stink bugs. In a coordinated effort, some of the birds would bounce on tree branches to make the bugs fly while others would swoop down and pluck them out of the air. Finally, a reason to want grackles around!

Fall migration

Many migrating birds, including hawks, bald eagles, falcons and osprey, are heading through our area. If you see a large bird from a distance and it is rocking noticeably from side to side, it is probably a turkey vulture. Kestrels are also present. If you saw the kestrel in the City Streets, Country Roads area at the fair, you got a wonderful close-up look at this 9-inch long bird migrates long distances to its winter grounds along the Gulf Coast or even farther south. Millions of passerines are migrating now, particularly wood warblers, vireos, grosbeaks, thrushes and tanagers. Shorebird migration is winding down.

Article by FCFCDB

Nature Notes for 10/3/2010