Healthy Forests Healthy Waters

If you live in Frederick County on a lot that could use some additional trees, then the Healthy Forests Healthy Water program may be just what you are looking for. The Healthy Forests Healthy Water program will provide free seedlings for reforestation purposes, hire a professional tree planting contractor, and fund the cost of tree shelters to protect the trees until they are large enough to fend for themselves. In addition, this program offers the service of a professional forester who will meet with you to inspect the site, discuss your objectives for the planting, and coordinate the tree planting operation with the planting contractor.

The planting stock comes from the MD State Tree Nursery, and includes numerous deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs. Trees can be planted for conservation purposes, such as providing a forested buffer around a stream or wetland; developing a forest, a wildlife habitat, or a windbreak; or growing an aesthetic screen.

To be eligible for this program, your planting site must be at least one acre, you must reside in a priority zone, and a maintenance agreement needs to be signed. To receive more information or to talk to someone about this program, please call Mike Kay, DNR forester for Frederick County at 301-473-8417.

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Article by FCFCDB

Nature Note for 3/29/20