Wet Weather

The cold wet weather we have been experiencing is contributing to waterlogged conditions throughout our forests and landscapes. It is not surprising, therefore, to see numerous diseases impacting trees, shrubs, and other plants this summer. In the University of Maryland IPM Report, IPM Coordinator, Stanton Gill, details some of the anticipated outcomes in his article, Too Much Rain in Too Little Time: “There have been epic rain events over the last month. Many areas experienced standing pools of rain water for several days on end. These supersaturated soils of late May and early June will damage root systems of many plants with scorching leaves and branch dieback as a result of this high moisture period.“

Credit: frederick.forestryboard.org - Mike Kay

Many signs of foliar diseases are already becoming apparent in Frederick County in this mid-June time period, brought about by wet conditions. Afflictions such as leaf spots, anthracnose, apple scab, and fire-blight are showing up on our trees and shrubs. Most of the foliar diseases will not seriously impact the health of the tree, but it can result in browning of leaves, early leaf fall, branch dieback, and other cosmetic defects.

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Nature Note for June 24, 2018