Crape Myrtle in bloom

In fall our crape-myrtles are in full bloom throughout Frederick County. Crape-Myrtles (Lagerstroemia Sp.) is a tree native to Asia that has become a very popular landscape plant due to its graceful form, colorful mottled bark, and persistent bloom.

Crape-Myrtles were introduced in Charleston, South Carolina in 1790 by French botanist, Andre Michaux and quickly became a favorite in southern landscapes. Over the years Horticulturists have been able to breed cold hardiness into these varieties so that Crape Myrtles are found throughout the country. Nearly 50 species of Crape Myrtles exist through Asia some of which grow very large and their wood is a valuable timber.

Article by FCFCDB

Photos credit: Carol Breeze, Myersville, MD

Nature note for 10/9/21