Dawn Redwood

The Dawn redwood tree (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) is a popular ornamental tree that was thought to be extinct until a grove of them was discovered in China in 1941. Dawn Redwood is in the same family as the Coastal Redwood and Giant Sequoia tree. Fossil records indicate that the Dawn Redwood was well distributed around the Northern Hemisphere, along with other redwood species, in prehistoric times. At some point in evolution, these trees were outcompeted by the angiosperms (hardwoods) and gymnosperms (evergreens) that are more common today.

Dawn Redwood is a fast-growing tree that needs plenty of sunlight and acidic soils to thrive. The tree is fairly tolerant of various site conditions, and it can grow in damp conditions. The Dawn Redwood is an example of a needle bearing “deciduous” tree that sheds it needles in the fall p, much like the bald cypress tree and larch. The Dawn redwood can attain a height of 165 feet and a three-foot diameter. If planting this tree on your property, make sure it has plenty of room to grow, because they grow fast and get big.

Article by FCFCDB

Nature note for 9/4/2021