Large Trees of the East

When someone thinks of large, old trees, they usually have visions of the giant sequoia or redwoods of the west coast. Did you know that some of our eastern trees will attain a very large size and old age, as well? Some of the larger and older growth trees found in the east are Cottonwood (Poplus deltoids) with a 300 year lifespan and 190 foot height; Sycamore (Plantanus occidentals) boasting a 300 year life span and 160 foot height; and White Oak (Quercus alba) which can achieve 600 years of age and 150 feet in height.

White oak in Baker Park

Credit: - Bethany Dell'Agnello

Despite these large sizes, the tallest and longest-lived trees ever measured in the east are the evergreens. These large conifers include red spruce (Picea rubens) at 450 years old and 162 feet tall; eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus) 450 years old and 200 feet tall; and Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) 988 years old and 160 feet tall.

Article by FCFCDB

Nature note for 6/5/21