Sycamores are one of our largest growing trees, typically found in lowland areas that are usually wet. Sycamores are one of the last trees to leaf out, sometimes delayed further by the presence of anthracnose fungus. This “disease” is much more prevalent during times of cool, wet conditions like we experienced this spring. The anthracnose fungus can inhibit leaf out by attacking young leaves as they develop. The leaves display a curled up look, and have brown blotches along the midrib. Sycamore trees eventually overcome this damage, but the result may be clusters of dead twigs, giving the branches a “witches broom” appearance. The sycamore tree was nominated as Frederick County’s official tree.

Credit: - Mike Kay

These sycamore trees appear to be suffering from anthracnose disease. This will delay leaf expansion until the mean daily temperatures rise above 65 degrees.

Article by FCFCDB

Nature note for 11/21/20