Three ways to heat with firewood

Mr. Shank heats his home on Old Hagerstown Road exclusively with wood. He says the wood warms him three times. Once when he cuts it, once when he splits it, and finally when he burns it.Which trees are best for firewood can be the object of much debate, but there are a number of characteristics that make one variety more desirable than other.

Some considerations when selecting wood for this purpose are: Is it easy to split if you are processing it yourself? Is it easy to ignite? How much heat does it put out? Does it produce a lot of smoke, or does it burn clean and hot? Does it produce a lot of creosote to clog up your chimney, creating a fire hazard, or is it low in creosote? Does it burn a long time and produce red hot coals, or does it burn quickly and not very warm? Does it have a nice aroma?

Using these criteria, some of the most suitable trees for firewood include: oak, hickory, white ash, black birch, black locust, hard maple, beech, apple, and cherry.

Some of the least desirable trees include: tulip poplar, soft maple, willow, sycamore, and pine.

Credit: -Mike Kay

Firewood should be well seasoned to ensure that it reaches its greatest potential.

Article by FCFCDB member

Nature Notes for 10/4/2015