Winter damage to Leyland cypress

A number of Leyland cypress are displaying brown foliage as a result of damage inflicted during the winter. In a recent IPM Report published by the University of Maryland Extension Service, extension specialist Stanton Gill reports: There are 20 cultivars of Leyland cypress (Cupressocyparis leylandi) that have a wide cold hardiness that extends from Zones 6- 10, with some cultivars being more cold hardy than others.

Leyland cypresses sustained damage during the past cold winter.

Credit: - Mike Kay

Leyland cypress were developed from two species that evolved on the West Coast where temperatures are mostly moderate and rainfall plentiful. As a result cold weather and drought can be hard on Leylands.

Gill attributes the severe cold snap where temperatures reached minus 7 to minus 8 degrees Fahrenheit as the reason for the browning of foliage, as these temperatures causes damage to foliage of Leyland’s.

Some cultivars are can tolerate cold better than others so damage is a function of the cultivar that was planted and the location of the tree.

Article by FCFCDB member

Nature Note for 6/8/14