Sustaining Frederick’s Forests, Lecture Series

At the C. Burr Artz Library in downtown Frederick on the first Thursday of each month from March until August 2012 the Frederick County Forestry Board conducted a free lecture series. These informal discussions featured talks by guest experts on subjects including managing backyard trees, getting involved in local conservation organizations, and threats to our natural resources.

Below are some details from each of the lectures.

Lecture # 1 - March 1, 2012: “Promoting a Greener Frederick County.”

Learn about Frederick County’s developing Green Infrastructure Plan and the Neighborhood Green program. The Green Infrastructure Plan identifies

ecologically valuable areas in the county based on forest, stream and wetland data, while the Neighborhood Green program provides education and resources for residents interested in naturalizing the landscape away from turf.

Moderator: Heather Montgomery, Frederick County Office of Sustainability & Environmental Resources Sustaining Frederick’s Forests

Twenty-five persons attended the inaugural lecture. The presentation by Heather Montgomery from the lecture is below:

Green Infrastructure Plan by Jessica Seipp

Neighborhood Green presentation by Heather Montgomery

Lecture #2 - April 5, 2012: “Bad Bugs in the Woods.”

Gypsy moth, hemlock wooly adelgid, emerald ash borer and other invasive insects are increasingly impacting our backyard trees and forests. Learn about these destructive pests and what you can do to reduce the threats they pose. Moderator: Lynne Marquess, Frederick County Forestry Board

Attendees entering to the lecture

Attendees entering into conference room for Bad Bugs presentation. (Photo by Claude Eans)

Tom Lupp, regional entomologist for the central region of the Maryland Department of Agriculture, Forest Pest Management Division, was the expert speaker for the April 5th presentation. Tom covered several damaging caterpillars, tree borers, beetles, leafminers, woodwasps, and some diseases threatening our backyard trees, county and state forests. About 22 people were in attendance. (Photo by Jim Arnold)

Tom's slideshow was rich with written information and many pictures (see the text slides from his presentation).

Lecture #3 - May 3, 2012: “Healthy Trees, Happy Homeowner.”

Take steps to ensure your valuable landscape trees stay hale and hearty by learning how to manage them properly throughout the seasons. The Maryland Big Tree Program will also be highlighted.

Moderator: Michelle Donahue, Maryland Big Tree Program Volunteer

Jennifer Willoughby, former senior communications specialist with the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin, prepares to discuss proper tree selection and placement. (Photo by Claude Eans)

Maryland Big Tree Program volunteer Michelle Donahue (right) introduces Becky Wilson, Western Region Coordinator of Urban and Community Forestry Programs with the Maryland Forest Service. Ms. Wilson gave an in-depth discussion on tree care and proper pruning practices. (Photo by Claude Eans)

The 18 attendees included some professional tree pruning folks. Topics discussed included how to select a tree and planting and management (where and where not to plant the selected trees) as well as the biology, history, care and maintenance of trees especially what to do and what not to do when pruning.

- presentation by Jennifer Willoughby

Lecture #4 - June 7, 2012: “Getting Involved in Natural Resources.”

Get to know your local forestry and natural resource organizations, including the Forestry Board, Tree Farm Program, the Monocacy & Catoctin Watershed Alliance, and the Catoctin Forest Alliance. Discover how you can join them to manage public lands and your property in an environmentally sound manner.

Moderator: Claude Eans, Western Maryland Regional Tree Farm Representative

Below is a description of the June 7th event by Claude.

The June 7th lecture titled “Getting Involved in Natural Resources” was attended by a small but interested group of attendees. The program features six speakers that delivered an interesting introduction to the various organizations that they were representing. Since the program was limited to ten minutes allotted to each speaker a lot of information was presented in the time permitted.

The first speaker was Tom Anderson and he provided a very concise and interesting introduction to the objectives and chartered functions of the Frederick Country Forestry Board. Tom used a series of PowerPoint slides to illustrate the various activities and offered anyone interested an invitation to attend theBoard meetings and become involved.

Speaking on behalf of the Catoctin Forest Alliance was Michael West. He presented an informative and entertaining description of the history and the functions of the CFA. A main focus of the organization is to motivate youth and get them involved directly with conservation projects. The talk was illustrated with slides showing several projects and accomplishments of the Catoctin Forest Alliance.

Our third speaker was Heather Montgomery. She had also provided the computers used to present the various graphics utilized by each speaker. Heather spoke on behalf of the Monocacy-Catoctin Watershed Alliance and provided an excellent illustrated introduction to the wonderful work being done and the history of the organization.

Ginny Brace introduced the group to the Friends of Waterford Park and the Friends of Baker Park. Her discussion was primarily about the very exciting work that had been done by many and varied volunteers to enhance the Waterford Park area. She also provided information about the Friends of Baker Park another interesting and vigorously active local Frederick group.

Lynne Marquess gave an enthusiastic description of the history and the purposes of the Natural Resources Career Camp. She provided up to the minute information about the programs to be presented to the participants at the next soon to be held camp. Lynne also told us about some recently interviewed candidates for the camp, one of which was at the lecture. Lynne has been exceedingly busy and successful with her efforts to make the youth of the area aware of the benefits from attending this camp. The primary function is to inform and educate the attending teen participants by providing instruction and hands on practice in Forestry and Conservation techniques. These activities are presented and taught by educational and conservation professionals.

Claude Eans was the moderator for the program and presented a program on the benefits and importance of the American Tree Farm System. This introduction to ATFS described the organization, it’s goals and purposes and what it means to have a tree farm. The illustrated short talk explained the types of tree farms and how to utilize the many resources provided by the organization to establish a Pioneer Tree Farm and to then progress to a Certified Tree Farm. It was explained the work being done on behalf of tree farmers in education, assistance to establishing, maintaining and retaining family tree farm properites.

Frederick County Forestry Board

- presentaion by Tom Anderson

American Tree Farm System

- presentation by Claude Eans (text only)

Lecture #5 - July 5, 2012: “Wood in Art.”

Explore the variety of creations made from locally sourced wood. Arts and crafts from local artisans and trades include furniture.

Moderator: Jim Arnold, Frederick County Forestry Board

Keith Schoonover-- Tables

Keith provided a PPS show of some of his wonderful tables and other pieces of artistic and cleaver creations made of natural wood in various shapes and designs.. These are truly lovely items and would decorate any home with useful and beautiful furniture.

Pictured above is Keith with one of his handsome tables. Read a full Frederick News-Post article entitled "Sawmill owner puts trees on display" to learn more.

Mike Kay-- Wooden String Instruments

Mike provided a history of wooden string instruments and illustrated the presentation with slides.. He also described the history and process of his hobby of guitar building.. This was illustrated with slides and also he brought wood pieces to be used in guitar construction.

Photo above shows guitar, side pieces, back, front, fret board and neck . These were passed around for closer inspection. (Photo by Claude Eans)

John Wyvell--Wood in Sculpture

John is a local artist that makes lovely sculptures using native woods and a chain saw sculpturing tool to create his ideas.. He described his involvement from the beginning to the current activities and also talked about his facility and lovely gardens.

Photo above shows some of his inspirational and current sculptures. (Photo by Claude Eans)

William Swetcharnik-- Wood in Art

William described some of his projects and artworks and gave a talk about activities in Honduras. His illustrated presentation showed also some of the extensive storm damage in and around the Capitol of that country. He also showed how he uses wood to accompany his paintings and also some of his wife's sculptures.

Photo above shows William and some of his photo and literature display. (Photo by Claude Eans)

Steve Thrasher-- Other Creative Items

Photo above shows wooden creations by Steve. He had only a moment to describe the history of his activities in woodworking which began after having a kitchen remodeled. After getting over the sticker shock of professional pricing he began doing his own carpentry and creative work with wood at that point. These displayed items were all done by Steve using wood cut and processed from his own property. His talent and creativity are clearly presented in these items. (Photo by Claude Eans)

Lecture # 6 - August 2, 2012: “Plant Thugs.”

Many of us are familiar with Japanese honeysuckle and kudzu, but numerous other species are also having a negative impact. Topics included exotic invasive plants in Frederick County woods, open areas and residential lots, as well as how to control them—and what to plant instead. Moderator: Tom Anderson, Frederick County Forestry Board

Board members Mike Kay (left) and Tom Anderson (right) were the presenters for the final lecture in the series. (Photo by Tyson Rose)

Board member Ginny Brace created a specimen display of several invasive plants found in Frederick County. (Photo by Tyson Rose)

Use the links below to view the slide presentations for this lecture.

Invasive Plants in Frederick County, “Plant Thugs' by Tom Anderson

Common Invasive Species of Fields and Woodlands by Mike Kay

Additional Information

Lectures were held the first Thursday of the month in March through August from 6:45 to 7:45 p.m. in the Community Room. The C. Burr Artz Library is located at 110 East Patrick Street in Frederick, Maryland. Two hours of free parking is available at the Carroll Creek Parking Deck with a ticket validated at the library. Light refreshments were provided. Registration was encouraged but not required.

The library did not promote or endorse the views of this program, sponsors, or presenters

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