Controlling Invasive Plants for a Healthier Environment

Invasive plants are those that are not native to an area and which have a tendency to spread and cause damage to the environment, economy, and health. The spread of invasive plants throughout our forests, meadows, and open areas has been cited as one of the most serious environmental issues we face. Because these plants have few natural controls they have the potential to overrun native communities, negatively impact local wildlife populations, denude our waterways, and some have been linked to serious health issues.

This program provided information on how to identify these plants, describe control options for home and landowners, and identify local resources for assistance.

This program was sponsored by the Frederick County Forestry Board. Its mission is to promote the conservation, stewardship, and sustainable use of the forest resources of Frederick County through education.

About the presenters:

Kerrie Kyde is an Invasive Plant Ecologist for the Maryland Natural Heritage Program, Wildlife and Heritage Service, Maryland Department of Natural Resources. She is responsible for assessment, control and monitoring of invasive plants and the ecological problems they cause on public land owned by DNR, about 475,000 acres. She manages the new Statewide Eyes program, involving Maryland citizens in invasive plant identification, mapping and ultimately, control. She works closely with other units within DNR to help control invasive plants, Maryland Park Service and Maryland Forest Service.

Timothy Pry is coordinator for the independent Frederick County Weed Control program.

Mike Kay is a Registered Professional Forester working for the MD Forest Service. In this position, Mike helps implement the Forest Stewardship Program, tree planting initiatives, Urban Forestry programs, and forest fire suppression. Mike serves as the Project Manager for the Washington – Frederick Project concentrating most of his time in Frederick County. One of the most pleasant parts of the job is working as the Executive Secretary of the Frederick County Forestry Board.

Tuesday, March, 15, 2016 at the Thurmont Regional Library