Thurmont Community Park Tree Planting

On Saturday, April 22nd a group of dedicated persons completed another tree planting in the Thurmont Community Park. Led by DNR Foresters and Thurmont Town Personnel, a substantial number of people braved the off and on rain to complete the planting of around 50 trees including a number of beautiful Flowering Dogwood in full bloom.

Persons participating included members of the Frederick County Forestry Board, Thurmont Green Team, Scouts, dedicated environmentalists and community neighbors. The many hands made the planting go relatively quickly despite the light rain. As observed last year, again the Scouts and even younger children participated. It was particularly interesting to note how well the youth paid attention and then carried out the planting strictly according to how they were instructed.

The pre-dug holes and the front end loaders with soil and mulch were greatly appreciated and mostly the necessary materials were close at hand. Due to the heavy rains recently it was observed that a couple of the pre-dug holes were water logged so it was decided to move a couple of the trees to slightly different locations with better drainage.

The Thurmont Park is certainly beautiful this time of year especially and the trees planted there last year by many of the same persons were all thriving with 100% survival.

Many young persons enjoyed the effort and did their share of the work while learning how to properly plant the potted trees. Instructions were provided by Becky Wilson, DNR Forester who also supervised the progress of the project offering suggestions and showing the proper depth and preparation of the trees. The trees were planted to the appropriate depth, the root balls were released, the trees watered, mulched and bio-degradable tree shelters were installed to prevent damage by rabbits.

Saturday April 22, 1917

Article and photos by Claude Eans