Woodsboro Tree Planting

Jim Arnold, Mike Kay, Dr. Hailu Sharew, and Aaron Cook helped facilitate the planting of 1,800 trees at Woodsboro Park along with about 100 volunteers from the Scouts, Lions Club International, and assorted volunteers from around the county. They established about 4.0 acres of new plantings and filled in about 1.0 acre previous plantings where a tree was missing. The planting began at 8:00 am and concluded by 11:00 am when we all enjoyed a lunch provided by Trout’s store.

Unloading planting paraphernalia at one of the planting

locations in Woodsboro Park

Supervisors, scouts, shelters, stakes, and trees.

A good mornings work!

Scouts and their helpers planting tree seedlings in the park

Planting by the wetland – creating cool habitat

for the growing food chain

Filling in the gaps – goal was a buffer along the stream.

This was one of the last sections

Saturday, April 12, 2014